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Posted by Matt Besley on 02-8-2018

Anyone that cleans hates safety flooring - it can be really difficult to make look good.  One of the frustrating things about safety flooring is that it can get stained and there is no way of getting it out.  Here's how you can find out if it is a stain or just ingrained dirt, and what the common stains are.

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Topics: Non Slip Flooring

7 Tips to Keep your Vacuum Cleaners Working Safely and Effectively (free photo Download Poster)

Posted by Matt Besley on 09-5-2018

Vacuum cleaners are a main staple in any cleaning team, but can very quickly become ineffective or unsafe if they are not looked after properly.  Here's 7 ways to keep your vacuum cleaner safe, and a free photo poster to download for your cupboard.

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The Correct Way to Clean a Toilet Bowl - with Free photo Download Poster

Posted by Matt Besley on 23-4-2018

Toilet cleaning is perhaps the most common cleaning task carried out thousands of times everyday.

It is really surprising how many people don't understand the correct method, even when they may have been cleaning for 20 years+

Here's the correct 6 step process with a free download guide to put up in your cleaning cupboards for handy reference and training.

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The 7 Wastes of Lean in Cleaning (And How to Do Something About Them)

Posted by Matt Besley on 20-3-2018

The 7 wastes of lean are an integral part of Lean methodology from Toyota, and it applies to the world of cleaning.

Let's start with 2 definitions:

  • Waste is an activity that doesn't deliver any value to the customer. 
  • If a customer is willing to pay for an activity, then it is a 'value adding step'

OK, here's the 7 wastes of lean in cleaning, and how you can eliminate them.

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5 Products You Wished You'd Heard About Before

Posted by Matt Besley on 02-3-2018

Here's 5 products you may not have heard about before, but are great game-changers.  

A mixture of old ideas, and new concepts; check out these ways to improve your cleaning standards.

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Truvox Battery Multiwash Floor Cleaning Machine Review

Posted by Matt Besley on 13-2-2018

The Truvox Multiwash has always been a great all-rounder, cleaning almost any flooring type very effectively.

A recent addition to the range is the Battery Multiwash; how does this compare, and is there any advantage of buying this over the mains powered machine?

   Overall Review Rating                                                                

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Cylindrical Brush Vs Disc Floor Machines

Posted by Matt Besley on 12-2-2018


Cylindrical and disc floor machines are both great, but for different applications.  What is the difference between these two brush types and which is best for your floor?

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6 of the Best Cleaning Machines and Equipment in 2018

Posted by Matt Besley on 16-1-2018

There are a lot of great new products coming to the market all the time, but it takes a lot to make a great product.   There are always the gimmicks and fads, but the ideas that actually make things cleaner, and are robust are the ones that everyone is looking for.

Here are 6 of our favourites for 2018:

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Double Mop Bucket V Single Mop Bucket 

Posted by Ken Buckley on 15-1-2018


Are you still using single mop buckets for all your contracts?

If you are, read this and then trial a double bucket system. See the benefits and consider changing over, there are many benefits. 

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The most versatile Floor Cleaning Machine ever?

Posted by Ken Buckley on 05-1-2018

I have always been a fan of the Multiwash. It's such a great little machine; simple, easy to use, works very well on safety flooring. 

Now, with the lithium ion battery version, it is even more versatile. 

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