10 Products from the London 2017 Cleaning Show

by Matt Besley on 24-3-2017

Nilfisk Liberty A50.jpgThe cleaning show is often the forum where the latest ideas and innovations are showcased to the cleaning industry.  Here's 10 new products that caught our eye at the show - from chemicals for removing urine from safety flooring to semi-autonimous robot scrubber driers, here's our pick.

Urine Off.jpg1.  Urine Off - A product with a big claim, not least removing urine stains from safety flooring.  Can we beleive the claims?  Not untill we've given it a try!  We have tried almost everything we can and nothing has shifted it so far, so we wont be pursuaded easliy on this one! 


2.  Tork Easy Cube - An innovation launched at the Amsterdam show last year which could be seriuosly useful.  Collecting real time data from smart dispensers, this allows operators to check if dispensers need refiling.  Only really to be justified on high usage sites, but a great idea all the same.


3, Excentr Oscilating Floor Machines - Very high quality stainless steel oscilating polishing machines.  Everything about the machines look and feel good quality, the level of vibration on the handle is exceptionally low and the additional weights available look like they mean the business.
Excentr fiber pad.png

We especially like the idea of the green 'astroturf-style' floor pad which is supposed to be exceptionally good at cleaning tiles and grout.  Not a cheap machine, but we could well imagine this one lasting a life-time.

Orbis Eco.jpg

4. Truvox Orbis Eco - a new range of rotary machines including slow, high and dual speed machines at a lower cost than the standard Orbis machines.  They look good and offer great value for money.  We have already added the dual speed to our range which is a promising option if you are wanting to add a rotary machine to your fleet and working to a strict budget.

Liberty A50.jpg5. Nilfisk Liberty A50 - This really is the cutting edge of semi-autonimous cleaning machines.  Like it or not, these machines are the future face of the cleaning machine market, and they are a really good option if you have a very large space to do on a regular basis.  Factor out the labour savings and this machine could pay for itself easily in a 3 or 4 year contract.

6. OneCoat - A protective coating for most surfaces.  What caught our eye with this product was the fact that you can protect non-slip safety flooring.  Pictures of the Berlin trains which had treatment in test-patches were pretty impressive, but the price is fairly steep for a very small bottle.  The manufacturer claim that it costs around £5 a square metre, a good option for high traffic lane areas, or even on toilet floors to protect against urine staining.


7. OneMop - A single use microfibre mop head which is stiffer and thicker than most of the others on the market. This mop boasts excellent pressure on the head thanks to the fact that the head will fit striaght onto a mop frame and the head is very thin.  This type of mop really is the future of hard floor cleaning which should be very effective and hygienic.

20170316_102230.jpg8. Truvox Battery Upright Vacuum - The battery vacuum market has come on a long way in the last couple of years, and this is the first battery upright vacuum.  Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but the rumours of coming in around £500-600 mark make it a contemorary of the Numatic backpack and tub vacuums.  The machine looks similar to some of the previous Oreck vacuums, but we are keen to give this machine a try.


9. Prochem Extraclean - this one isnt quite as exciting, but an important new product none the less.  A Woolsafe product with anti-resoiling resoiling properties, this looks a promising new product from one of the market experts in carpet cleaning.

20170316_103946.jpg10. Black Refillable Dispensers - a complete range of re-fillable dispensers to compliment the contemporary washroom design.  Refillable soap, jumbo, bulk pack and centrefeed dispensers.  Certainly ones that will be added to our range in due course!

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