3 things that will greatly enhance your cleaning

by Ken Buckley on 28-10-2016


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Would you like to up the level of your cleaning?

We look at three simple things that greatly enhance the overall image of a premises.

They are not at all costly to implement and can very easily be added to your cleaning, giving a big boost to the overall feeling of the cleanliness of the area.

  Edge Cleaning

The appearance of cleanliness of a hard floor or carpet is often let down majorly by the edges!

Daily vacuuming often misses the edges and after a while you get a build-up of dust around the edge. This can easily be sorted by running a vacuum cleaning with a crevice tool along the edges.

Hard floors are a bit more work. Often mopping of the floor pushes dirt into the edges and standard mops don't get into the edge. In time you get an unsightly build-up of dirt that lets down the whole effort.

Cleaning this by using a small battery scrubbing machine will quickly enhance the overall look of the floor. Using a flat mop system ongoing will stop the build-up at the edges.

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  Front of house glass cleaning

When you walk into a modern building the likelihood is that you will be passing a wall of glass. Nothing lets down the first impression of a building more than smeary finger prints and dust on the inside of the glass.

Spending a few minutes cleaning a bit of very noticeable glass every day makes a massive difference.

Microfibre cloths and even some of the new interior glass cleaning systems like Ungers Stingray or the Microfibre Internal Window cleaning kit make internal glass cleaning really quick and easy.


  High level dusting

Another thing that often gets missed and makes a big difference, high level dust and cobwebs. Again it won't break the bank and doesn't need doing every day.

High level dusting kits are not expensive and the best ones are the high performance dusters that use a microfibre head.


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