Cleaning Equipment - The 5 Essentials for Mobile Cleaners

by Matt Besley on 28-9-2016


Your mobile cleaners probably have a ton of cleaning equipment in the back of the van.  Everything has to earn its place in the small space you have.

Consider the role of your mobile cleaners.  Do you want them to be doing more of your deep clean work, or your more thorough weekly cleans?

Boost your cleaning contract value and provide 1st class service by considering these 5 pieces of cleaning equipment:



1 Nilfisk SC100 Upright Scrubber Drier

This must be one of the easiest to use scrubber driers on the market to use.  And as it is much the same size as an upright vacuum - it wont take up much room in the back of the van.  Much quicker and more effective than mopping, this will leave your floors dry as soon as you're done. You can use it forwards or backwards thanks to the double squeegee either side of the brush. The tanks are removable - take them to the sink for refilling and rinsing out.
We believe this machine is great value for money, and is the best built machine we have seen in this class.

Scrubby.jpg  products_image3_304_Scrubbee-vloer.JPG_250_333.jpegproducts_image2_304_Scrubbee-wand.JPG_250_333.jpeg






  2  Scrubby Wand 

Many people will laugh this machine off at first sight, calling it a 'strimmer' or 'giant toothbrush'. Don't be deceived: this is a seriously effective machine. You can clean into the corners with the angled brush - great for non-slip flooring. A removal telescopic handle means you can use it for deep-cleaning both floors and walls. The motor is weighted on top of the brush head which makes it more effective than many similar machines.

You can dip the brush into a chemical solution for extra cleaning power. Remove the brush and you can use a 6" melamine deep cleaning pad to cut through the dirt and clean the floor right back. 

A firm favourite of ours (and the many, many cleaners that are already using them)


  3 High Level Dusting Kit  

Contracts often have high hallways and stairways that can be difficult to dust. The high performance duster kit contains:
  • A 5.48m reach extending pole
  • A 1.15-1.86m reach extending pole
  • A high performance duster
A true 'high-performer' the duster has long-strand microfibre which catches the dust. It also bends to shape and is washable. Even the long pole feels really sturdy at full height, which makes it easy to use.  This is the dusting kit for companies who want to be the best in the business.


  4 Pure Water Window Cleaning Trolley 

Give this some serious consideration if you currently clean outside windows by hand or use another contractor. About the size of a sack truck, this system contains everything except the pole. Poles are available seperately so you can buy the correct height for your contracts.
Fill the 25L container with tap water, and you are good to go. No more long hoses from the van! This system is great for one-off cleans and regular window cleaning jobs.
A system has already saved countless man-hours and much safer than a ladder.


  5 Numatic Battery Back Pack  

Use a battery backpack for entrance areas and office day-cleaning. Great value for money, and performance that we haven't found anything to beat. We recommend buying the 2 battery kit so you can change between the 2 (run time is 30 minutes). With the correct inverter it is possible to charge the battery in the back of the van.

Backpacks are one of the fastest ways of vacuuming but you may struggle to get your cleaners to use them. There are also battery tub vacuums available too.  

Battery vacuums don't give the same suction as a mains machine so it may not be the correct machine for you. Just ask and we will give you a recommendation - live chat now.

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