5 Powerful Chemicals for Student Accommodation Cleaning

by Matt Besley on 26-6-2017

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Anyone that has ever worked in student accommodation cleaning will know that it is very very hard work.  Demanding deadlines, grease, grime, food waste, very smelly rooms, body fat, limescale....the list goes on.  Here's 5  of the best chemicals we've found that will cut out some of the elbow grease.


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Depending on where you live, scale may be an issue in the washrooms.  Where the accommodation is in a hard water area, the showers, floor and toilets may be built up in limescale.  The warm, humid environment is perfect for the limescale to build up.  Coupled with the fact the student hasnt even put a brush anywhere near the toilet pan for 12 months, this is a challenging situation.


There are 2 products for these applicatons:

1.  Windmill Warrior - Toilet Cleaner and Descaler

Windmill Warrior is an excellent toilet cleaner and descaler.  This is perfect for cleaning around taps and in the showers,  You can dilute it 1:40, or even up to neat if you need to.  Ensure that you wet the surface first - apply the chemical solution, spread around with a cloth or scourer and leave for 4 minutes.  Agitate with a scourer and rinse.  Re-application may be necessary on areas with a build-up.  The good thing about Warrior is that you it is metal safe.  Any acidic cleaner will damage grout with regular use, so take care.  Dont be put off by the fact it says toilet - you can use this to descale on any surface.

2.  Windmill HD Descaler - Rapid Periodic Descaler

Where you have a limescale build up, like the image shown above you need a strong chemical to cut quickly back to the surface.  The above picture was the subject of 20 minutes work with this descaler.  This powerful descaler uses a combination of 2 different acids to rapidly descale.  Apply as above, but use caution that this chemical will turn metals such as chrome or stainless steel black very quickly.  If you are cleaning around an area with metal strips, showers or even taps, definitely use the Warrior to be safe.


Cleaning Mould

Where you have warm moist air, you will get mould.  And yes that means on the walls, in the showers, on the shower curtains, or practically anywhere in the accommodation units.

3.  Dettol Mould and Mildew Remover

Mould is one of the applications where you have to use the dreaded bleach!  Bleach is about the best thing to remove mould.  Spray on, leave for a couple of moments and wipe off.  This product is a firm favourite with the holiday caravan market where they are shut up over the winter and the mould problems are acute and we still havent found a product to beat it.


Odour Control

Let's not beat around the bush here.  Often the bedrooms will smell horrific.  From the sweaty sock smell, to smoking (of course it is strictly prohibited but it still happens), to cooking smells - it rarely gets worse.  We have 3 great options here, all of which work in different ways, and for differnt smell problems.

4.  Craftex Cherry Twist Deodoriser

Love it or hate it, the pungent Cherry Twist 'cherry bakewell' fragrance is a great deodoriser. It can be used in a range of dilutions from 1:100 up to neat for extreme circumstances.  This product can be used in a trigger spray bottle and sprayed onto curtains or into the carpets for a long-lasting fragrance after you have cleaned.  Alternatively you can use it in the carpet cleaning machine extraction tank if you are cleaning the carpets.

If you really cant stand the fragrance, there are other options - Tropical, Mint and Tea Tree and Cotton.  There is nothing much stronger than Cherry though!

5.  Windmill Odour Master Lemon

 This is an aerosol bomb - you shut the windows and doors, put the can in the middle of the room, push down the cap and get out of the room.  After an hour (or preferably overnight) you can go back into the room, and air the room by opening the windows.  It sanitises and deodorises, and is perfect for areas where students have been smoking, or you just cant budge that smell.New Call-to-action


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