5 Products You Wished You'd Heard About Before

by Matt Besley on 02-3-2018

Here's 5 products you may not have heard about before, but are great game-changers.  

A mixture of old ideas, and new concepts; check out these ways to improve your cleaning standards.

1.  Cloth Roller Bucket


Most modern chemicals are designed for spray on, wipe off application.  However, like in the days of yore, when your grandma rolled up 'er sleeves and got the soap suds flying from her zinc bucket, you do need a 'wetter' clean sometimes. 

This bucket really is an unsung hero, and this is really good for applications where you are cleaning up more heavily soiled areas.  The roller 'mangle' like top to the bucket is brilliant for cleaning cloths, and leaves them damp rather than wet for cleaning, whilst the bucket allows you to thorouhly rinse the cloth out.

Couple this with decently high quality microfibres like the Unger microfibres, some of which will survive up to 500 washes.

Sometimes the old ideas are the best!

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2.  Melamine Floor Pads

Ivo Brush Clean Floor.jpeg

Pretty much everyone knows about the magic sponge pads, but few realise you can get these in floor pads, and perhaps fewer still know just how effective these are for floor cleaning.   

The results on safety flooring really are suprisingly amazing.   My favourite use of this is on the bottom of a Powerbrush machine - use it with the floor pad attachment and the 6" melamine pads (keeping the pad wet).  

Here's a video that we took on a recent demo (admitedly this safety flooring is pretty mild compared to most I see).  On another recent demo it cleaned through years of dirt and grime on the floor faster than when they had previously tried ice blasting it!























 Dont be disolutioned, these will tear up on rough floors like concrete/rough screed etc, play them at their strength on smooth floors with excellent results.

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3.  Windmill Wrestler - Heavy Duty Cleaner (Brilliant for Safety Flooring)


Wrestler is one of our unsung hero's when it comes to cleaning everyone's favourite floor covering - non-slip/safety flooring!  This is a stronger product than say Captain, and works wonders when used in conjunction with some contact time.  

Simply use warm water in a Multiwash, and use Windmill Wrestler in a trigger spray ahead of the machine for the ultimate performance on safety flooring.  This is an excellent product and it will really lift ingrained dirt from the floor - ask for more details.

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4.  Windmill Heavy Duty Descaler


The second chemical in this short list is the Windmill HD Descaler.  When we were doing trials in student accomodation, where students bathrooms are only cleaned once a year, we simply couldnt beleive the above before and after image.  What blew us away was this was simply 20 minutes work, and didnt use any machine or the likes.

Simply dampen the surface, apply the product to a small area at a time, agitate, then rinse with water afterwards.  Please be aware that this product is not safe on metals.

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5.  Deta Fast Hand Driers

Deta Dryer.jpg

The Deta hand driers have long been a favourite of ours - for under £100 you can have a hand drier with a drying time of around 10 seconds and a 3 year warantee.  The performance of these dryers is similar to a Dyson Airblade but without the hefty price tag.  

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