5 simple maintenance tips for carpet cleaning machines

by Matt Besley on 22-9-2016


Carpet cleaning machines can be pretty frustrating when they break down. 

Ever had the situation where you've been on site and the machine stops working? 

Here's 5 quick tips to keep your machine up and running for longer.

  1 Always use defoamer

Windmill Carpex Defoamer - Carpet Detergent Defoamer

Defoamer should be a standard item with your carpet cleaning kit, and make sure you use it every time you use the machine.  We recommend you dilute it into a bucket before you start your clean with water, then suck it up with your vacuum hose (this will make sure that the inside of the hose will have a coating of defoamer. 

Remember that defoamer is a very small price to pay, when you consider it could save you replacing a vacuum motor!

  2 Always flush the machine through after use

Simple, but often overlooked, always always rinse the machine out after use - empty the solution tank first, then pour a bucket-load of warm water into the solution tank and leave it until its emptied. 

This will clean through any chemical that's still in the tank and jets and could cause a blockage.

TIP:  Use your velcro wand straps to hold the trigger of your wand down to empty the tank.

  3 Never store your machine outside or in the van overnight when it's cold

When the weather changes overnight and you get a front, guess what - your machine will freeze up too! 

Never leave the machine in the van - we've seen whole solution tanks frozen, pumps damaged and most commonly, brass connectors cracked...you have been warned!

4  Check your brass connectors K Valve with triggerregularly

Check the valves and connectors on your machine regularly - they do wear over time, and it's a good idea to get them swopped over before they start causing annoying leaks on your freshly-cleaned carpets!

  5 Get your machine regularly serviced

It goes without saying that your machine needs to be regularly serviced to keep it tip-top.  If you are using your machine constantly, get your machine serviced 1-2 times a year as a minimum, if you are using it occasionally once a year should be fine.

When you get your machine serviced, make sure the workshop check the following points:

  • Test all the functions for operation (vacuum, pump, brush) and problems fixed or quoted for repair.
  • Vac motor carbons are checked.
  • Pump and brush motor carbons can be replaced if you want to - this involves removal and disassembly of these motors (Inspection is not viable).
  • Test and replace as necessary the brass connectors (these will wear and become difficult to use over time
  • PAT Test

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