5 simple steps to reduce winter months absence in the workplace

by Ken Buckley on 15-12-2016

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It is a fact that the winter months  bring increased staff absenteeism, with increased colds, flu, etc.

A nasty cold in the office tends to do the rounds and even if staff don't stay home, they feel rubbish and their effectiveness is greatly reduced.

Is there anything you can do to reduce this? Isn't it just part of life?

What if there were some simple, low cost, things you could do, would you do them?

Well there are some really simple things you can do...



   Step 1) Promote Awareness

Of course we all know that we should wash our hands more and cover our mouth when we cough or sneeze and clean shared surfaces regularly, but we tend not to do these basic things in the workplace, unless we are prompted.

So just reminding people during the winter months of these simple things will make a difference.

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   Step 2) Have Nice Hand washing facilities

It goes without saying that if you have nice hand soap and nice hand towels (ones that actually dry your hands), then people are more likely to want to wash their hands.

Oh and by the way you don't need Antibac soap normal soap is just as good.

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   Step 3) Have the means to clean

What is the point in reminding everyone to regularly clean shared surfaces if you don't give them something to do it with?

Lots of options here, but one of the most simple is to use Disinfecting Surface wipes. These can quite simply be pulled out of a tub and a surfaced clean & sanitised in one wipe.



   Step 4) Have Hand Sanitisers at key points

It is true that Hand Sanitisers should not take the place of hand washing, however its is not practical to make everyone wash their hands when they come into work , for instance.

This is an excellent place to have a Hand Sanitising unit and maybe, at the entrance to an office.

Not all Hand Sanitisers are equal. Make sure you get a good one. A lot of Hand Sanitisers do not kill viruses, check you have one that does.



   Step 5) Tell staff to stay at home when they are ill

This sounds a bit of a paradox, a blog on how to reduce absence, telling you to stay at home!

If people are really ill, spreading it to others in the work place will not help anything.


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