5 Things An Effective Chewing Gum Removal Machine Needs

by Matt Besley on 11-11-2016


Chewing gum is ugly.  And chewing gum removal can be hard.

When you look for a chewing gum removal machine - here are 5 points you need to consider that your machine should be doing for you. 


There are several factors to using a chewing gum removal machine that make it effective.  Like with any cleaning task, each factor has to come into play (contact time/temperature/mechanical action- read our blog about it here).


1 - Steam

Your chewing gum removal machine needs a way of softening the gum in order to remove it, and one of the elements required is steam - this heats it up so the brush can then remove it.


2 - Chemical

In conjunction with the steam, you also need a chemical to start to break down the gum.  If the chemcial does the job correctly, when you have used the brush, it should break down completely, and you can either sweep it away, or just wait for it to be rained off.


3 - An Appropriate Brush

You will need an appriate small brush on the end of the steam lance which will agitate the gum at the same time as it has the chemical and the heat breaking it down.  

Mostly steam chewing  gum removal machines have an option of either using a wire brush, or a nylon brush. 

For concrete and tarmac and most outside hard surface areas you should use Brass brushes.

For internal hard floors, carpets and entrance mats you should use Nylon brushes as they are less abrasive.


4 - It Needs to be Portable

If you are using it on a large site, or even out on the street, the machine needs to be completely portable.  This means it needs to be operated by either using a generator, or by gas (propane) or even battery.  Battery machines make it possible to use the same machine inside and outside!

Consider a trolley to ensure that it is easy to use, especially one that is easy to use and suitable for bumpy outside areas.


5 - It Needs to be SafeYour machine needs to be safe - the Steam-e is a completely portable gum machine, which you can use for over 3 hours on a single charge.  This makes it almost silent in operation.  Other machine need either fuel for a generator or propane gas, both of which are usable, but do carry risks!

Click on the link below to see a demo of the Steam-e machine, or read our review here.

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