6 of the best battery cleaning machines in 2019

by Matt Besley on 25-6-2019

6 of the Best

New battery tech is popping up everywhere; from smartphones to electric cars; but the trend is hitting the cleaning world.  Here's 6 of my favourite battery cleaning machines that have the potential to revolutionise your cleaning regime.


1 - Pacvac Battery Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

This is actually the only machine that's on this list that's not a scrubbing machine.  It is quite an exceptional vacuum cleaner; giving jolly decent suck, a reputable run time, and great quality tools.  They claim that using a battery backpack is over times quicker than dragging a tub vacuum behind you.  You must actually try this to beleive the speed you can clean areas.

The machine uses a brushless vacuum motor for longevity, decent quality drill style batteries and Wessel Werk German-made floor tool.  The machine comes complete with 4 batteries (it uses 2 at a time) and a double charger.  The clear dome lid means you can see what you have collected.


  • Excellent suction
  • Good run time
  • Exceptional speed for vacuuming
  • Lightweight



  • More expensive outlay than a traditional tub vacuum
  • There's no battery indicator in view of the operator - you have to take it off to check


Where it Wins

  • Perfect for cleaning offices, stadium style seating, spot cleaning and day cleaning
  • Great for use with our high level vacuum kits
  • Ideal for factory cleaning where you need to get in and around machines etc.


2 - Powerbrush XL


The Powerbrush XL One that we've covered off numerous times, but it remains in our top 6.  A small hand-held battery scrubber for those awkward edges, stairs, behind toilets, 'easy-clean' safety flooring edges and corners etc. (there's numerous applications where this does a great job).  

Great value for money - it comes with a full kit bag of brushes, and drive board.  Boasting 2 hour run time and 2 hour charge time, this is a great addition to any cleaning cupboard.  Dont be deceived - this is a pretty torquey machine, and the head is waterproof; it's just a really tough bit of kit.

Read our full review and video here


  • Excellent value for money kit
  • Great run time
  • Good brushes for edge and awkward area cleaning
  • Small waterproof head which can get into really awkward spaces



  • Fairly small head (works in it's favour too, so not for large areas
  • Not lithium-ion batteries so cant be opportune charged (charge time is only 2 hours, and they seem to last forever).


Where it Wins

  • Perfect for floor edges and corners
  • Great for stairs steps and risers
  • Ideal for any cleaning cupboard's armoury.

Ivo Brush Clean Floor

3 - MotorScrubber Jet


The MotorScrubber jet is similar in principle to the Powerbrush XL.  But the MotorScrubber has been built in Britain using the best materials and as a result is a really powerful small scrubber with a backpack for the battery and pump housing.  This machine also has a spray jet on it that sprays solution onto the floor in front of the machine. This machine has a number of different attachments and is great for where you will give a small machine fairly heavy wear like a leisure center environment or a factory (great for getting in and around machines).

A 3.5 hour run time and around 350rpm - this is a machine for really tough jobs.


  • Tough and powerful scrubbing machine with over 350rpm
  • Fully waterproof submersible head
  • Long 3.5 hour run time
  • Lightweight battery backpack



  • More pricy than the Powerbrush machine
  • The brush is slightly larger and doesnt clean the safety floor upstands as well as the Powerbrush.


Where it Wins

  • Perfect for tough industrial applications
  • Great for leisure centre environments - poolside, changing rooms etc.
  • Large schools, colleges and universities for edge and corner clenaing.


4 - Battery Multiwash 340/Pump

Multiwash Battery

The Multiwash is a machine that has been around for years and we've sold hundreds of them.  And for good reason - the cleaning performance of the twin contra-rotating brushes always suprises - great for safety/non-slips surfaces, short pile carpets etc (in fact there's not many floors it cant clean really well).  The battery version adds a new dimension as there are no trailing cables; which makes things quicker and safer.  Boasting a 50 minute run time, this is a perfect machine for where it is being used in public spaces.


  • Tough and reliable machine that will last for years
  • Powerful contra-rotating brush design which gives a very intensive clean
  • Can be used on almost every floor type
  • Li-ion battery



  • Additional batteries quite expensive
  • It hasnt got a vacuum (it still leaves the floor almost dry though).
  • (Struggling to think of any more...!)


Where it Wins

  • Perfect for safety floor and any other difficult to clean floor
  • Great for factory floor environments for getting in and around equipment
  • Ideal where you need to clean without having a trailing cable like healthcare/education


There's a seperate blog post to read on this machine specifically - The Most Versatile Floor Machine Ever?

20180723_095907 (1) A floor recently cleaned with a Multiwash taking the floor back to the original colour

5 - Nilfisk SC351

SC351 1

The Nilfisk SC351 is another firm favourite.  It's a small machine that really does a great job - it has a rotating head that cleans forwards and backwards (quite a few machines have this, but this definitly works the best that I've found).  Battery powered, it will give you an hour and a quarter run time and is ideal for small-medium sized spaces.  It looks professional and has great build quality for a long and productive life cleaning your floors.

One of the best things about this machine is it's outright simplicity; the training is very simple and is a machine that cleaners are happy to use.  The machine comes compete with an on-board charger, drive board and brush.


  • Very easy to use (before, during and after)
  • The rotating scrub deck is very effective and leaves almost no wet patches on the floor
  • Self-contained with on-board charger
  • Comes complete with brush and drive board



  • Run time is only 1 1/4 hours (this is industry standard and will clean a lot of space in that time)
  • You can't lift the squeegee up which makes a double scrub a bit harder


Where it Wins

  • Perect for small-medium sized spaces
  • Great for education facilities
  • Works well in confined factory environments in and around machines

Read our full review on this machine here


6 - Fimap iMx 

iMx Scrubber Dryer image

This list would definitely be incomplete without this 20" walk-behind scrubber drier.  There's a lot of features which this machine packs into a compact and easy to use package.  It has a 4 hour run time, a 20" scrub width, extra-wide squeegee bar (almost no streaks when you clean) and easy to use controls.  There are almost no electronic controls on the machine; it just has switches and an hour meter (useful management tool).  Even though this has a 40L clean water tank and 40L dirty water tank, the machine remains compact and really easy to use.


  • Easy to use and tough.
  • Long 4 hour run time
  • Wide cleaning width which will clean large areas quickly
  • Excellent cleaning results



  •  With the balance of the machine, sometimes it can be difficult to double scrub with the squeegee up at the back as it pulls down on the back (this is being a bit picky; it's perfectly do-able).


Where it Wins

  • Perect for medium-large sized spaces
  • Great for education facilities and warehouses
  • Anywhere you need to cut cleaning time and improve the results.

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