6 of the best Cleaning Products

by Ken Buckley on 23-9-2016


There have been a lot of useful innovations in the Cleaning trade in the past few years.

Some of these cleaning products have been a flash in the pan, some have been impractical gimmicks and some have proved to be game changing, for those that have embraced them.

Everyone has their favourites, and these are mine:

1 Magic Sponges

This has proved to be an enduring innovation and one of the best cleaning products around.   An excellent way of deep cleaning and removing otherwise unmovable marks without the use of strong and harmful chemicals.

If you are not using these, you should be. They will help enhance your cleaning program and will cut down the number of chemicals you need.

You can now get a magic sponge floor pad for use on slow speed rotary machines, meaning there is now an excellent way of deep cleaning Safety/Altro flooring.


2 Microfibre Cloths

Everyone knows about microfibre cloths don't they? Surprisingly some in the trade still haven't embraced this brilliant product.


Microfibre cloths, used correctly, will great enhance your clean, reduce your chemical usage and speed things up as well.

There are different qualities of microfibre cloths for different usages. A top quality cloth like the Unger MicroWipe 4000 is truly excellent, and will way out last a budget cloth.

The basic microfibre cloth is now really cheap, it's popularity has driven the prices down, which is great for the trade. If you are thinking of using them, make sure your staff know how to use them correctly.


3 Smart Mop

This is simply brilliant! An amazing mop system. It has a split bucket for clean and dirty/rinsing water and a trade best mop head with deep pile microfibre.


This is the best mop system for Safety/Altro flooring and large floor areas.

It's a little on the large side, so won't suit every area. However it's so good and quick that it can be a better buy than a small Scrubber Dryer (likely to get more use).


4 Pulse Mop

Another brilliant mopping system at the other end of the scale in terms of size.

It's very compact and ideal for front-of-house, spot mopping and also smaller areas.


The Pulse mop has it's own reservoir for fluid, which means no bucket to lump around. It has tear off microfibre mop heads with built-in scrub strips.

Really good for public areas where you need to get in and get out with the minimum fuss and leave the floor dry.


5 Easy Dose Cleaning Chemicals

There are lots of variations of this type of product on the market, however this is one of the best. This is an excellent range of cleaning chemicals in super concentrate 1 litre containers with their own fool-proof, built-in dosing system.


Say goodbye to dripping pelican pumps and 5 litres of chemical making a mess of your cleaning cupboards and say goodbye to staff glugging chemical into mop buckets.

One of the things everyone loves about Easy Dose is the Printed Spray bottles that you can get for them (No more soggy or missing labels).


6 Unger Ergo Toilet Brush Set

Another one of the really good cleaning products from Unger. It's an ergonomic, long handled toilet brush with hygienic carrying pot.


Toilet cleaning is one of the areas of the trade where there has been very little in the way of innovation. (You can still buy the Turks Head toilet brushes!)

This is the best innovation for toilet cleaning. Long handled to save your back (and your face from splashes), replaceable brush head and hygienic holder that can be hand held or hung on a mop bucket or trolley. You must have them. 


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