6 Ways To Cut Costs in Public Toilet Cleaning [+ Improve Standards]

by Matt Besley on 17-1-2017

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Government cuts to public services have been the subject of tough scrutiny by local people in recent years.  None so more than cuts to public toilets where local councils have been forced to close toilets in order to balance the books. 

But there are some suprisingly easy ways to cut public toilet cleaning costs and improve the standards of cleanliness at the same time.

Cost Saving #1 - Change your cleaners to mobile cleaners

The biggest cost in any cleaning operation is of course the cleaners themselves.  Instead of having a cleaner based at each toilet, why not make your cleaners  have a mobile cleaner in a van where they go from one block to the next.  Not only will this reduce the number of cleaners on your payroll, it will also reduce the amount of equipment needed on site (there's not normally much storage space at a public toilet anyway).

Cost Saving #2 - Use high capacity double toilet roll dispensers 

One of the largest costs in a public toilet is the paper.  Of course most toilets now have hand driers, so this is mostly toilet paper.  How many times have you been into a public toilet, and the toilet rolls have run out?

Relating to cost saving #1 you cant employ people to just constantly go around topping up the toilet paper dispensers.  With this in mind get a double toilet paper system with a large capacity.  This will mean that for the most part you can reduce the number of times the dispensers are looked at to daily/possibly twice a day (of course it depends how busy the toilets are, and it may be necessary to increase the frequency when there is a big event on).


We recommend using a metal dispenser, especially if you have a problem with vandalism.  The other benefit of using a metal dispenser is that it won't 'add' to the fire if someone tries to set light to a dispenser.  We have done trials with plastic dispensers and the results are frightening - it can burn very quickly!

Cost Saving #3 - Use Hand Driers (But Make Sure they're energy efficient

With the usage in a public toilet, you will be best off using hand dryers. 

But (and this is a big but) make sure these are high efficiency ones - if you have one of those hand dryers that has a big outlet, puffs out very hot air pathetically (you know the type I mean) then you definitely need to upgrade them to something more cost efficient. 

We recommend the Deta hand driers- these have a similar drying time to the Dyson airblade, but are a fraction of the cost.  We honestly havent found anything to match the value that these offer.

Cost Saving #4 - Change your soap to a spray Soap in a catridge dispenser.

Chances are that your soap costs are only a proportion of your paper costs.  But there are some good ways of cutting costs here too.  Changing to a spray soap is very ecomonical, and if you pair this with a catridge system where your cleaners just swop over the catridge when it has run out means it takes less time to top up.

Our recommendation here is the TC spray soap - it gives a massive 4000 shots per catridge and is really cost effective.  In fact so cost effective that it really does mean that it produces a saving against almost every other type of soap, including 5L refills for bulk dispensers where you have to pour the soap in the top.  Dispensers are completely free of charge, and we can provide a stock of dispensers for you in case of vandalism or damage!

Dont just take our work for this one - just get in touch and we will send you a free sample!

Cost Saving #5 - Use Concentrated Chemicals

Due to the nature of public toilets, you need to clean them generally on a daily basis.  With this in mind, you will be using a reasonable number of chemicals in your cleaning programme.  Make sure  you are using concentrated chemicals, 

Our recommendation is Easy Dose Invincible for all the washroom surfaces, it is EN1276, and gives 100x trigger bottles, or 100x5L bucket per bottle.  It has an exellent kill rate, and has a pleasant floral fragrance.  For the toilet bowls use Windmill Warrior - an excellent toilet bowl cleaner.  (Remember the fewer the chemicals you use the less COSHH risk assesments you need to do).

Cost Saving #6 - Use a Double Mop Bucket

This is a bit of a strange one for this list, but if you use a double mop bucket system, then you wont have to change the water in the bucket half way through cleaning the floor.  A good mop bucket system should still have clean water in the clean water side at the end of cleaning the floor.

We recommend theSmart Mop system- the results from this are truly astounding, if you are currently using a push fit mop, then it is likely this mop system will change the colour of the floor too!

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