After Builders cleaning - 10 great products

by Ken Buckley on 10-3-2017

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After Builders Cleaning is a major part of the cleaning trade, it has it's own unique challenges. 

with lots of light coloured dust to remove, these 10 products are perfect for Builders cleans.

1/ Top Spec Microfibre Cloths and Mangle 

Mangle bucket.png

Don't be tempted to use cheap Microfibre cloth, use a top spec cloth like the Unger Microwipe 4000, you will only need one cloth per person per area as you will be cleaning the cloth out as you go.

Always fold up the cloth and keep turning to a clean side.

Use a weak hard surface solution in the Mangle cloth bucket and when the cloth is full of dirt, wash out in the bucket, pass through the mangle rollers, fold the cloth up again and carry on cleaning. 

This is an excellent system for removing builders dust, very quick and very effective. 


2/ Smart Mopping system

Smart Mop image.png







This is the perfect mop system for builders cleans. It removes the dust and dirt instead of diluting it and spreading it around. 

It uses Microfibre, again, as the most effective way of collecting dirt. It has a twin bucket system for rinsing the head.

Use a weak solution of a standard hard surface cleaner in the front bucket. 

Very quick and effective. 

Download the smart mop Instruction Sheet, see how it works. 


3/ iMx 20" battery Scrubber Dryer

iMx Scrubber Dryer image.png

This machine is well suited for builders cleans. It is very robust, very simple to use and has a 4 hour run time. 

It quickly removes dirt and dust, leaving a dry and clean floor. As it has a 20" cleaning width, it clean flooring very quickly indeed. 


4/ Numatic NVQ570 dry Vacuum 

Numatic NVQ570.png

A good powerful dry vacuum with a large capacity (23 litre). It has a 960 watt motor and 38mm tools. 

A very robust and powerful machine, but not too big, just right for builders cleans


5/ 38mm High level dusting kit 

High Level Vacuuming.jpg

Available in two sizes, a 21 ft reach  and a 14 ft reach system.

With a adapter hose you can use any Numatic 32mm or 38mm dry vacuum cleaner, the above NVQ570 is, of course perfect for this. 

Gives you the means to dust high levels surfaces without the use of tower scafolding, in a much quicker, more efficient way. 


6/  Honda Petrol pressure washer & Surface cleaner

Pressure Washer with Surface Cleaner.png


Trolley mounted honda powered pressure washer used with an 18" Surface cleaner is the quickest, most effective way of cleaning outside paving areas.

The Surface cleaner stops dirt being blasted about and gives an even finish unlike using a pressure washer with a lance. 


7/ Dragonfly Internal Glass cleaning system

Dragonfly image-1.png


A great way of cleaning internal, high level glass without using tower scafolding. 

The Dragonfly system is available with a number of different sized poles for different reaches. It has it's own battery & pump and high level pole and uses a fine mist of water and microfibre heads to clean internal glass and leaves a streak free finish. 


8/ External Glass cleaning 

Pure water glass cleaning kit.png


This is a very quick way of cleaning external glass in an after build clean. 

This inexpensive little system relies on mainswater (so you do need access to mains water to use), The standard kit gives you a 20ft reach, other poles are available for higher reaches.

You basically use tap water to remove the worst of the dust from the glass, using the pole and soft brush with mains water being fed up the pole, then you couple up to the resin filter for the final rinse off which gives you a steak free finish. 


9/ Powerbrush XL kit

Powerbrush Xl image kit.png

This is a must for all builders cleans. A small battery powered scrubbing machine with a great little kit and a two hour run time. 

Perfect for cleaning washrooms and flooring around door jams, edges and corners.


10/ Easy Dose chemicals 


This is a range of super concentrate cleaning chemicals, each 1 litre container will make 100 x trigger sprays with printed spray bottles available for each chemical.

As the correct dilution of any cleaning chemical is key, these containers, with their built-in dosing system are perfect for mobile cleaners and build cleans. 

This saves money and weight of products to carry around. 


Interested? why not download our catalogue? 


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