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Scrubber Dryer Cheat Sheet

Update on the old CHIP Hazard Symbols & new CLP Symbols

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7 Things to Consider When Cleaning Dust in a Very Dusty Environment

Slippery when wet - How to manage the risks

Should we be disinfecting everything?

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Your Urinals

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Download Free Dilution Calculator - For Cleaning Chemicals

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Throw out all your cleaning Chemicals - Uniwipe

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keep your Staff Happy (and more productive)

6 Ways To Cut Costs in Public Toilet Cleaning [+ Improve Standards]

Washroom Upgrade is Good for Business

7 Facts You Need To Know About Hand Washing

Do cheap toilet rolls = Blocked toilets?

★★★  Quality Triple-Star Rating  ★★★

The 10 Golden Rules of Coshh Training

How to avoid contact dermatitis for cleaning staff

5 simple steps to reduce winter months absence in the workplace

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Are your Cleaners trained sufficiently?

Rock Salt or Ice Melt?

The Best Soap Dispensers For Schools [+ free guide]

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Is Hand Sanitiser effective against Norovirus?

We're changing the way our trade counter works in 2017

6 Bog standard bog cleaning tips

Bog Brush or no Bog brush...whats to loos?

School Cleaning - 3 Easy Wins to Improve the Student Experience

Cleaning after norovirus

How do you compare toilet paper systems?

Carpet Cleaning Machines - Box Extractor vs Brush/Self-Contained

Do wet floor signs have to be yellow?

Are you off your cleaning trolley?

5 Things An Effective Chewing Gum Removal Machine Needs

We have safety data sheets, do we need a coshh risk assessment? [FREE TEMPLATE DOWNLOAD]

Easy way of exterior Caravan Cleaning and cladding

New CLP Symbols Explained

the best carpet cleaning system for In-house cleaning teams

Janitorial Supplies Product review: Windmill Odour Force Lemon

How To Use the Unger Smart Mop System [Training Videos]

C-Fold Vs Multifold Paper Hand Towels

What's killing your scrubber dryer batteries?

Wet Cell Battery Maintenance - Topping Up the Water Level [FREE CHART]

Carpet Cleaning Machines - What Does PSI Mean?

Do you need Antibacterial Soap?

3 things that will greatly enhance your cleaning

Cleaning Equipment Review: Fimap Genie B Scrubber Dryer

How To Clean Stainless Steel Kick Plates and Push Plates

The Value of Cleaning and the Cleaners - 10 Points to Consider

Cotton Mop Heads Or Disposable Mop Heads?

Mop Heads Cleaning - 3 Quick Tips

How to use a Body fluid spill kit

How to Remove Limescale from Taps and Pipes in 5 Easy Steps

Cleaning Equipment Review: Steam-e Battery Chewing Gum Removal Machine

Non-Slip Flooring Using the Correct Cleaning Chemicals

Non-Slip Flooring Using Cleaning Chemicals at the Correct Dilution

Non-Slip Flooring Using Cleaning Chemicals Contact Time and Agitation.

Sebo 370 vs Nilfisk Vu500 - Upright Vacuum cleaners compared

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Janitorial Supplies

Janitorial Supplies - 3 Elements to choosing the correct product & method

Clean Non Slip Flooring without Cleaning Chemicals - Truvox Multiwash

Cleaning Equipment Review: IVO PowerBrush XL

Cleaning Equipment Review: Unger Smart Mop System

How to Identify Non Slip Flooring

Cleaning Equipment Review [and Video]: Truvox Multiwash Floor Cleaning Machine

Janitorial Supplies Product Review: Easy Dose Cleaning Chemicals

Janitorial Supplies Product review: Windmill Eliminator - Fogger

What is Colour Coded Cleaning & Why use it?

6 steps to get your Janitorial Supplies on-time & in-full

Cleaning Equipment - The 5 Essentials for Mobile Cleaners

6 of the best Cleaning Products

What colour Floor cleaning pads should you be using?  Free Wall Chart Poster

10 things your should get free with your Janitorial Supplies

The pH Scale: Using it to Choose the Right Cleaning Chemical

5 simple maintenance tips for carpet cleaning machines

10 things you should know about Scrubber Dryers before buying

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