Are you off your cleaning trolley?

by Ken Buckley on 11-11-2016


Probably one of the most under-rated pieces of cleaning equipment, the Cleaning Trolley, has the potential to transform you cleaning team.

Not for everyone, they are best suited to cleaning teams at Schools, Colleges, large offices and public use areas.

Trolleys are already used extensively by cleaning teams in airports and shopping centres. They work very well in this kind of environment, with the cleaner having to work a long way from a cupboard.


Why use a Cleaning Trolley?

In a modern building there is usually a lack of cleaning cupboards. It seems as if architects generally think that buildings not longer need cleaning!

Every time a cleaner has to walk back to the cleaning cupboard to get some more toilet rolls, the mop bucket or anything else, you are losing time in, what is probably already, a very tight time schedule.

If you can stop the cleaner having to leave their work area and go and get something, this will obviously equal more time spend getting the job done.

This is exactly what trolleys do.

If you have the right trolley, everything that the cleaner is likely to need can be loaded onto the trolley before they start. At the start of shift, they simply wheel the trolley to their work area and clean.


Points to consider when picking a trolley

The following are some points to consider, there are no doubt other site-specific things to consider, but this will help you get started;

  •  Do you need to collect waste and take it with you? - Select a trolley with the needed capacity waste holder.
  • Do you need to segregate waste? - Make sure you get this feature
  • Will the trolley be left unattended in a public area? - Get one with a lockable compartment for the chemicals.
  • What cleaning equipment do you need to take with you?- Make sure your trolley has the means of carrying this
  • Do you need to replenish consumables? - Have a trolley with enough storage space for this
  • Will you need to take the trolley between buildings or across a rough surface?- You might want a trolley with all-terrain wheels (Yes you can get them)
  • Do you have restricted space? - Make sure your trolley is not too big for the area of use.

Also if you are going to buy trolleys, have another look at the mopping system you are using. Is this the best system? Are there advances in technology that you can benefit from?

Before you choose your trolleys is a good time to renew your mop systems. some trolleys have an integrated mop system as part of the trolley.


Some Trolley ideas

The following are just some ideas of what's available, not an exhaustive list


Rubbermaid Quick Carts:  This is a really great range of trolleys. Three sizes - small, medium and large. Perfect for restricted space, hotels, small offices, etc. quickcarts_003_26_L.jpgNumatic Carousel NC range: Nice compact range of trolleys where there is not much space.

Carousel NC3.jpg


Rubbermaid Brute Rim Caddy: A good choice for office cleaning.



Numatic Procare 100AT: And if it's a mobile cleaning cupboard you're after....

Procare 100AT.jpg


Numatic PPT220:  or mostly vacuuming.....

Numatic PPT220.jpg


Robert Scott Cleaner Trolley: Good option if budgets are tight.

Basic Trolley .jpg



Trolleys are well worth considering for cleaning. They may save your team a lot of collective time, could solve a problem with a lack of cleaning cupboards and could also enhance the look of your operation (could even brand them up with your company logo for a bit of free advertising)


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