Are your Cleaners trained sufficiently?

by Adrian Welch on 09-12-2016


Red Bucket Blue Mop.jpg


Never has it been more important, to ensure your staff have had sufficient training to make sure you are complying with all Health and Safety regulations.


Unfortunatley cleaners can drop off training radar but, they have a very important role to play in the workplace.


A walk around your site will certainly confirm if training is required, also to check that the cleaners have recieved COSHH training in the last 12 months.

Some things to look out for .....

Incorrect use of Color Coding, bucket left with dirty water in..


Red Bucket Blue Mop.jpg


Unlabeled Trigger bottles, this is a finable offence.


Unlabeled Triggers.jpg


In correct dilution and products in wrong bottles..


Dilution Issues.jpg


Dangerous practices,.. here two pelican pumps are dripping in to one container!


Chemical Mix.jpg


Products left lying around, again chemicals are the cleaners responsibility and must be kept with them.


Abandoned products.jpg

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