Ken Buckley
Workers Returning from COVID-19 Lock-down


When workers return from the COVID-19 lock-down, there will need to be a..

Ken Buckley
Double Mop Bucket V Single Mop Bucket 


Are you still using single mop buckets for all your contracts?

If you are,..

Ken Buckley
The most versatile Floor Cleaning Machine ever?

I have always been a fan of the Multiwash. It's such a great little machine;..

Ken Buckley
Is it worth repairing Vacuum Cleaners?

This is a question that gets asked a lot. Is it worth spending £45 + to..

Ken Buckley
Free 5S for the Cleaning Store Poster

Ever heard of 5S?

Many will have heard of 5S in manufacturing. Now it is..

Ken Buckley
Slow Speed or High Speed Rotary Machine?

Should you be using a slow or high speed rotary?

Often we see the wrong..

Ken Buckley
6 Ways to save Man-Hours in Cleaning

Generally the largest cost with cleaning is wages. It goes without saying..

Ken Buckley
7 Things to check on a Scrubber Dryer


Things to check on a Scrubber Dryer to ensure it is doing a top job. 

Ken Buckley
If it smells clean, it is clean?

We all know that this is not true, however this is often the way people..

Ken Buckley
10 Things you need to know about COSHH Risk assessments


Okay so you have been told you've got to do COSHH risk assessments for..

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