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Can you Still Get Henry or Numatic Vacuums with a Hi/Lo High/Low Speed Switch?

Posted by Matt Besley on 06-3-2019

Numatic machines or Henry's (Numatic make Henry's by the way) used to be widely available with a Hi-Lo speed switch like the one in the picture above.  None of their mains powered machines have them now.  Here's why it's no big deal.

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Nilfisk SC351 Scrubber Drier In-Depth Review

Posted by Matt Besley on 06-3-2019

The Nilfisk SC351 is a great small scrubber drier machine perfect for cleaning medium sized spaces.  It comes fully equipped out of the box with everything you need to get going apart from chemical and floor pads.  The standout feature on this machine is an incredibly effective rotating squeegee bar which leaves the floor dry regardless of the direction of travel; forwards or backwards, in fact it’s so effective you leave virtually no streak marks on the floor after cleaning.

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Topics: Cleaning Machines

A Simple 3 Point Guide to Sustainable Cleaning

Posted by Matt Besley on 15-2-2019

Sustainability is a well-used buzzword and something that needs to be taken into consideration in any cleaning regime.  A recent Defra document has 3 points to optimize sustainability.

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Keeping The Homeless Warm - Supporting Shekinah Grow

Posted by Matt Besley on 15-1-2019

Being homeless is always a sorry plight, and more so when the weather gets colder.  We recently donated some coats to help keep them warm to the Shekinah Grow mission, supporting their great work of supporting the homeless.    

Read the letter here.

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How Do I Ensure I Am Compliant with COSHH?

Posted by Matt Besley on 28-9-2018

It is important to adhere to COSHH regulations, but it can be a bit confusion sometimes what you do and don’t need to be doing. 

Here’s our simple guide to getting your cleaning team compliant with COSHH:

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Battery Numatic Henry Review - The Ultimate Cordless Tub Vacuum?

Posted by Matt Besley on 24-9-2018

Henry and it's commercial siblings must be by far the most commonly used tub vacuums both used in the home and commercially.  There are many good reasons for this, solid build quality, easy to use and maintain and excellent value for money spare parts are just some of the reasons.

We have been trying the new battery Henry in the office for a couple of weeks.  Here's why we like it...

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Is My Safety Flooring Stained, Or Just Not Being Cleaned Properly?

Posted by Matt Besley on 02-8-2018

Anyone that cleans hates safety flooring - it can be really difficult to make look good.  One of the frustrating things about safety flooring is that it can get stained and there is no way of getting it out.  Here's how you can find out if it is a stain or just ingrained dirt, and what the common stains are.

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Topics: Non Slip Flooring

7 Tips to Keep your Vacuum Cleaners Working Safely and Effectively (free photo Download Poster)

Posted by Matt Besley on 09-5-2018

Vacuum cleaners are a main staple in any cleaning team, but can very quickly become ineffective or unsafe if they are not looked after properly.  Here's 7 ways to keep your vacuum cleaner safe, and a free photo poster to download for your cupboard.

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The Correct Way to Clean a Toilet Bowl - with Free photo Download Poster

Posted by Matt Besley on 23-4-2018

Toilet cleaning is perhaps the most common cleaning task carried out thousands of times everyday.

It is really surprising how many people don't understand the correct method, even when they may have been cleaning for 20 years+

Here's the correct 6 step process with a free download guide to put up in your cleaning cupboards for handy reference and training.

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Topics: Cleaning Guides

The 7 Wastes of Lean in Cleaning (And How to Do Something About Them)

Posted by Matt Besley on 20-3-2018

The 7 wastes of lean are an integral part of Lean methodology from Toyota, and it applies to the world of cleaning.

Let's start with 2 definitions:

  • Waste is an activity that doesn't deliver any value to the customer. 
  • If a customer is willing to pay for an activity, then it is a 'value adding step'

OK, here's the 7 wastes of lean in cleaning, and how you can eliminate them.

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