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Is Day 1 of a Cleaning Contract the Most Important?

Posted by Matt Besley on 09-10-2017

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, or perhaps a website by its homepage, but first impressions count, right?

The first day of a cleaning contract can make a big difference to the way the client perceives you, and your long-term relationship.  Here's 4 ideas to make a big impression:

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The Anatomy of an Organised Cleaning Cupboard

Posted by Matt Besley on 05-10-2017

You can tell a lot from your cleaning cupboards about the standard of cleaning across your facility.  

An effectively managed cleaning cupboard will have visual controls and be as it is found at the end of every shift.  Easier said than done, right?  Here's 3 simple steps to help you get you on your way there...

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New EU EcoLabel Vacuum Regulations September 2017

Posted by Matt Besley on 21-9-2017

The EU are changing the goalposts again on vacuum cleaners.  This time the rated input power of vacuums now has to be below 900W and they are tightening the regulations to ensure all vacuums sold in Europe are more efficient.

Here's everything you need to know.

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Ban C-Fold Paper Hand Towels - Join the Movement

Posted by Matt Besley on 22-8-2017

If you still use c-fold paper hand towels, you are wasting money and paper.  We explore why, and what the alternatives are.

Join the movement to ban the c-fold hand towels!

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Bleach:  The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Posted by Matt Besley on 14-8-2017


The horror stories we hear about bleach when we carry out COSHH training never cease to amaze us.  One time I was told a cleaner at a school made up a solution with bleach and another chemical in a mop bucket - the reaction knocked the poor cleaner out on the floor (it could have easily been a fatal mistake!).  Another time someone knew of someone who had drunk bleach and didnt survive.

Perhaps there is no other chemical which divides opinion so much.  Or is it the most misunderstood, and dangerous chemical to use today, and is there still a place for it?

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Topics: Bleach

5 Powerful Chemicals for Student Accommodation Cleaning

Posted by Matt Besley on 26-6-2017

Anyone that has ever worked in student accommodation cleaning will know that it is very very hard work.  Demanding deadlines, grease, grime, food waste, very smelly rooms, body fat, limescale....the list goes on.  Here's 5  of the best chemicals we've found that will cut out some of the elbow grease.

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7 Things to Consider When Cleaning Dust in a Very Dusty Environment

Posted by Matt Besley on 09-5-2017

Managing cleaning contracts in high dust environments is one of the most challening tasks any contractor can take on.

Frought with challenges and hazards, these contracts shouldn't be treated like office cleaning contracts.  Indeed no two of these sites, be it in a quarry, woodwork shop or manufacturing plant should be treated the same.  Cleaning dust is notoriously hard.

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Topics: Cleaing Dust

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Your Urinals

Posted by Matt Besley on 31-3-2017

You know the experience when you open the door to the gents and the smell almost knocks you out?  

You are not alone, this is a very common problem.

Here are some very simple fixes to stop this problem.

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Topics: Washrooms

10 Products from the London 2017 Cleaning Show

Posted by Matt Besley on 24-3-2017

The cleaning show is often the forum where the latest ideas and innovations are showcased to the cleaning industry.  Here's 10 new products that caught our eye at the show - from chemicals for removing urine from safety flooring to semi-autonimous robot scrubber driers, here's our pick.

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Why Your Toilet Quickly Goes Black After Using Bleach

Posted by Matt Besley on 14-3-2017

In the cleaning world, bleach is possibly the most over-estimated and least understood products on the market.  

If you are cleaning your toilets with bleach, and wondering why they go black so quickly afterwards, here's why.

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Topics: Limescale

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