Ban C-Fold Paper Hand Towels - Join the Movement

by Matt Besley on 22-8-2017

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If you still use c-fold paper hand towels, you are wasting money and paper.  We explore why, and what the alternatives are.

Join the movement to ban the c-fold hand towels!

What does C-Fold Mean?

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C-Fold towels have tabs which are folded in on each other in a 'C' shape.  They are stacked on top of each other (not folded on top of each other)

The Flaws 

1 - Towels come out in clumps

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Because a c-fold doesn't come out one at a time, you can grab clumps of them.  You may not realise that this is a problem, but take a look in your waste bins.  Often you will find about 4 sheets clumped together, and only the ones at either side of the clump wet as above (people grab a clump, dry their hands on either side of the clump and throw them away).

2 - Towel Come Out Folded

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Using paper products for drying is all about surface area - the surface area you have on the towel directly affects how much each towel absorbs.  C-folds come out of the dispensers folded, which means that the surface area is about half that of an interfold towel.  Not many people un-fold towels when they come out of the dispenser - generally you just take more towels.

The Alternatives

We have an article on comparing the main types of towels - we include this for reference:


Interfold towels, or V-Fold towels are just folded in half, and they will come out of the dispenser one at a time.

Z Fold.jpgMultifold, or Z-Fold (or even sometimes called M-Fold) towels have an extra fold which creates the 'Z' shape.  Again these are dispensed one at a time.

Interfolded or multifolded towels are a much better option overall - they may cost slightly more per towel, but you should find your consumption of towels reduces, and the experience of the washroom user is enhanced.  These towels overcome the 2 main failings of a c-fold - the towels come out one at a time, and the towels are presented to the user unfolded.

Join the movement - ban the c-fold!

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