Why Your Toilet Quickly Goes Black After Using Bleach

by Matt Besley on 14-3-2017

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In the cleaning world, bleach is possibly the most over-estimated and least understood products on the market.  

If you are cleaning your toilets with bleach, and wondering why they go black so quickly afterwards, here's why.

 Here's the fact that most people overlook: Bleach does not remove limescale...it just whitens it.  So when you have just bleached the toilet, the toilet pan will be white.  Turn your back and its back to black again.  Ok that's probably a bit extreme, but you will find the toilet pan going black pretty quickly afterwards.  


So the answer to this?


Simple - just use an acid toilet bowl cleaner, which will clean the toilet better, and you wont of course have the same safety risks.  


Acid is the only thing that will remove limescale.  If you have got a large build up of limescale and the toilet is really black, you may need to follow your toilet cleaning proceedure a couple of times to clear through the limescale build-up. The reason for this is that limescale will quickly neutralise any acid, which means that after a couple of minutes, the acid cleaner is neutralised and wont clean any more of the limescale away.   Repeating the process will allow the cleaner to clean down through the layers of limescale build-up.


Here's a 6 stage toilet cleaning proceedure using a good acid toilet cleaner, like Windmill Warrior.  You can download this as a picture guide and put it up in your cleaning cupboard for future reference.


1 Flush the toilet

2 Lower the water level in the toilet, using toilet brush.  This is a really important step to stop limescale build up around the watermark which will be much worse in a hard water area.

3 Apply toilet cleaner around rim

4 Leave for 4 minutes (really important to leave contact time), then scrub with a toilet brush

5 Flush toilet, removing any toilet cleaning chemical

6 Clean all touch points with Washroom Disinfectant and Red cloth, job done, more ways than one!

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