Bog Brush or no Bog brush...whats to loos?

by Adrian Welch on 18-11-2016

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Should public WC's have brushes or not, this is the question?

Who uses them and what for?

And is there a legal requirement to provide a toilet brush?


This is a controversial one, similar to marmite you either like em or loathe em!


In my opinion they should be removed from WC's, they are generally only used as ram rods, and are not cleaned after use, 

some even go to the lenghths of filling the holder with water to help supplement flushing!

If they are used for cleaning , the head is generally left dirty, talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire (as far as germs go)!

In conclusion they are a germ and health risk.

Cleaners should be equipped with their own bog brush, which are washed and sanatised properly and not left in the cubicle..

I reccomend the Unger Toilet Brush this has an excellent abrasive head, nice long handle to save bending over the WC and has its own holder, an all round excellent product.

Unger Toilet brush.png


What does the law say?

Report from HSE

Case 188 - A hotel does not provide toilet brushes in bathrooms because of health and safety

Panel decision

There are no legal requirements that prohibit the provision of toilet brushes in hotels or other public conveniences. Lots of shared  facilities eg in offices do provide brushes and any hygiene risks posed by the  brushes can be easily managed. This appears to be another example of health and safety being used as an excuse for commercial reasons or cost. Excuses like this should be flushed down the pan!

Below is a download showing the 6 correct steps to clean your WC

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