C-Fold Vs Multifold Paper Hand Towels

by Matt Besley on 02-11-2016

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When you get asked do you want C-Fold, Multifold, Z-Fold, Interfold, you may well be thinking all I want is just some paper hand towels.

There are some key differences, and it does pay to keep these in mind to make sure you are not unnecessarily wasting money.

The fold basically means the way the towel is folded up in the packs and it affects the way that it comes out of the dispensers - here are 3 of the most common:

C Fold.jpg

C-Fold towels have tabs which are folded in on each other in a 'C' shape 

Interfold.jpgInterfold towels, or V-Fold towels are just folded in half, and they will come out of the dispenser one at a time.

Z Fold.jpgMultifold, or Z-Fold (or even sometimes called M-Fold) towels have an extra fold which creates the 'Z' shape.  Again these are dispensed one at a time.


Ok, so which is best for you?


We recommend the Interfold or Z-Fold Towels every time, and for the following 2 reasons:


The Towels come out one at a time

With c-fold towels you can 'pinch' the towels in the dispenser and pull out multiple towels at a time - something which is much more difficult to do with an interfold or multifold towel, as you can only get one at a time.

Of course when towels can come out in clumps at a time, this makes it much more likely to get paper waste on the floor.  Which in turn gets wet.  Which in turn gets messy.  Which really damages the washroom experience.  You get the idea!


The towels come out opened up

With a c-fold the towel comes out, and quite often it is still folded up when it comes out of the dispenser.  And of course very rarely do people open the towel up to dry their hands, they will just take more towels.  With an interfold, as you pull the towel from the dispenser, it opens the towel up, so you use less towels to dry your hands. 


Using paper products for drying is all about surface area.  The surface area you have on the towel directly affects how much each towel will absorb - which means towels which come out opened up win every time! 

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