Can you Still Get Henry or Numatic Vacuums with a Hi/Lo High/Low Speed Switch?

by Matt Besley on 06-3-2019


Numatic machines or Henry's (Numatic make Henry's by the way) used to be widely available with a Hi-Lo speed switch like the one in the picture above.  None of their mains powered machines have them now.  Here's why it's no big deal.

The Background

The Hi-Lo switch was a clever marketing ploy for 'eco' cleaning.  In Lo mode, the machine was cut to about half-power and looked great on tender document for cleaning contractors.  Of course it did make the machine quieter for day cleaning.  In reality however, everyone just kept them in Hi mode for better suction.

Recently Numatic has stopped putting them on any of their machines.

Why There No Hi-Lo switches on New Machines

Numatic have stopped putting them on machines from customer feedback - people generally just want to turn the machine on and not be bothered to check whether it's on Hi or Lo.  Also there are less things to go wrong - what you need with a tub vacuum is something that will just give you years of reliable use as a work-horse - a need that Numatic tub vacuums satisfy very well.  There is a small printed circuit board behind the old switch, which when it went (which seemed quite regularly) costs around £25!

The Misconception and Why It's No Big Deal

People often ask for a machine with a Hi-Lo switch means that when the machine is on Hi it runs at extra power.  Actually Hi mode is the same as standard mode on any other machine - so you are definitely no worse off, you will have a more reliable machine in the long-run. View the Henry?

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