Cleaning after norovirus

by Ken Buckley on 17-11-2016


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Norovirus the "Winter vomiting Bug" is doing the rounds again. This common diarrhoea and sickness causing virus is very infectious.

Primary Schools are often closed as a result of a wave of the illness sweeping through the school very quickly.

How should you clean after an outbreak? What should you use?

How is Norovirus spread?

Can be spread by breathing in small particles containing the virus that an infected person has breathed out.

Touching contaminated surfaces and then touching your mouth.

Eating contaminated food, where an infected person has handled food.

See NHS Choices web page,

How can you stop it spreading?

Get everyone to wash their hands regularly and thoroughly with soap & water and dry them properly.

Ensure infected persons stay away from school or work, for at least 48 hours.

Sanitise all surfaces as below.

How should you clean?  

Sanitise all touch points and surfaces with a bleach based product or a Special Sanitiser tested to EN 14476 against Norovirus, like Easy Dose HP Cleaner.

Another good measure for a school or office affected, is to "Fog" a sanitiser into rooms to sanitise all the exposed surfaces in the room. Eliminator is an interesting product; an Aerosol Sanitising Fogger, that needs no special equipment.

Download the Eliminator Instruction chart

Make sure you have the test results of the product you are going to use as a sanitiser and that your cleaning staff know what dilution and contact time they need to use, see below downloads.

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