Truvox Battery Multiwash Floor Cleaning Machine Review

by Matt Besley on 13-2-2018

Multiwash Battery

The Truvox Multiwash has always been a great all-rounder, cleaning almost any flooring type very effectively.

A recent addition to the range is the Battery Multiwash; how does this compare, and is there any advantage of buying this over the mains powered machine?

   Overall Review Rating                                                               4.8-Star-Rating.png 

   The Spec:

  •  340mm cleaning width
  •  4L litre solution tank
  •  Weight 22kg
  •  Li-ion Battery Powered


How it Works


Cleaning liquid in the solution tank is applied to the floor by the spray pump in front. The counter rotating brushes scrub the floor and also throw the dirty water on the conveyer drum. The front brush does most of the scrubbing and drying. The rear brush completes the scrubbing and collects the remaining water off the floor.  Simple, but very effective indeed.

The Ratings

Cleaning Performance                                                   5-Star-Rating.png

The surface contact pressure is very high due to the soft cylindrical brushes and the weight of the machine. This gives an excellent clean. Especially good on non-slip flooring.

Part of the reason the machine is so successful is the brush speed - the brush spins at 400rpm, this is a lot more than standard disc type scrubber driers.  As a comparison the Fimap iMx has a brush rpm of just 140.  The standard Multiwash has a brush speed of 650rpm, so it is slightly slower than mains powered, but you wont really notice the difference.


Cylindrical brushes are much more effective on uneven flooring than they are with a disc type machine.  This picture shows how this makes such a big difference.  Great for cleaning grout lines.

Please read our blog post on Cylindrical Brush Vs Disc Floor Machines for more details.



The Multiwash is great for:

  • Safety (or altro style) flooring
  • Tiled floors - Great for getting into grout lines
  • Patterned tiles - rubberized stud, and safety anti-slip tiles 
  • Laminate  flooring especially wood grain effect
  •  Entrance matting
  • Short pile commercial carpets
  • Floatex

The very effective brush action means that generally you can just use warm (not hot) water through the tank.  If necessary you can use a chemical through a trigger spray in front of the machine.  Windmill Wrestler is a great product to use in a trigger spray when you are cleaning safety flooring - will lift the in-ground dirt from the floor in no time!

The battery will give you 50 minutes continuous run time, which will clean a surprisingly large area!


Ease of use                                                                           4-Star-Rating.jpg

This machine only takes a fairly minimal amount of training, there are a few things to get used to.  One of the key things is to only use a very small amount of water required, but overall its very easy to master.  Whilst the machine is fairly heavy, you can still lift it into and out of a vehicle, and lifting up steps is not of question.  When the machine is in operation it just floats on the floor.

In general, very easy to use; you will just need to watch the 2 switch settings on the base of the machine:


The red switch moves the machine in and out of transport mode, The small jockey wheels underneath the machine fold away in normal operation, when it is in the lower operation these dont fold away, and it means you can move it over smooth surfaces very easily.  


The black switch on other side of the machine adjusts the brush pressure.  For most hard floors and safety flooring, you will just have it on the max 4 setting as shown above, but this just needs to be reduced down on very heavily patterned or rubberized floors, or indeed carpets/entrance mats.

Filling Up.jpg

Filling the machine is made really easy by the fact you can take the tank off, and fill it straight from a kitchen sink.  Generally we recommend just using warm water.  If you need to use a chemical is best used through a trigger spray ahead of the machine.

The machine is quiet, and will leave the floor surprisingly dry.


Expect the dirty water tank to look a similar colour to the water above (I have done a lot of demo's with the Multiwash, and it almost invariably comes off this colour, even when the floor has just been mopped.

Without cables, you can get some much more done, very effective, portable and maneuverable.


Reliability              5-Star-Rating.png           

As long as it is kept clean the Multiwash will give years of faithful service without any problems.   The brushes should last you a good couple of years (you don't really even need to clean the brushes, they never seem to get that dirty).


Maintenance                                                                      5-Star-Rating.png

Very little is needed. The most important point is the machine must be thoroughly cleaned after each use, something that shouldnt take more than about 5 minutes. The brushes will need replacing eventually but should last a couple of years.

Apart from that there is little to spend on maintenance.


Value for money      5-Star-Rating.png

This is money very well spent, for sure there are plenty of cheaper machines out in the market, but there will be very few if any that will be able to last as long as a Multiwash.  Very robust build quality means that if the machine is cared for, it can easily last a good 10 years. 

Compare this machine with a Rotowash and the savings of this machine against a Rotowash will probably be into 4 digits.  One of the key differences is that the Multiwash is driven by belts, the Rotowash is driven by gears - the Multiwash does tend to be a more reliable machine and is much easier to repair (ask one of our engineers for more details on this!)



There are three non-standard brushes available. A Soft, a Hard and an Escalator brush. The Standard brush is good for most surfaces and will be fine for most carpet cleaning applications too.

Trolley-2The Transport Trolley is a needed optional extra if you will be moving the machine between buildings as the wheels on the machine itself are very small.











The side brush is not a lot of use. The problem is the machine doesn't release solution over the side brush and it doesnt pick up it, so you might as well use a mop or the Ivo Power Brush XL if you have a lot of fiddly areas around edges or in areas where there is limited space.



Other similar machines      

Rotawash - Very similar to the Multiwash. An excellent machine but, a lot more money and a bit more difficult to operate.

Nilfisk CA340 - Another excellent machine, that will give similar results. However it won't clean carpets, it's much more money and it is nowhere near as easy to operate. Also there is much more to go wrong.


This is a genuine case of a great machine made greater.  You get all the benefits of the highly acclaimed Multiwash, with the benefit of going completely cordless.  the upgrade cost of going from mains to battery is definitely worthwhile if you are using it in public spaces, or have to do large areas (it speeds things up greatly not having to worry about the cables getting in the way) and it reduces the risk of someone tripping over the cable.  You could also very easily use the machine in an an area where there are no sockets, like a washroom, public toilet, or where you are restricted on the voltage (110v).  An ideal solution for schools, universities, colleges, hospitals, doctors surgeries, contract cleaners, factory environments, leisure centres (including pool side areas), office blocks, public toilets.... The list goes on because this is quite possibly the most effective floor scrubbing machine on the market.

Ask us for a free demonstration of the machine in action.

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