Cleaning Equipment Review [and Video]: Truvox Multiwash Floor Cleaning Machine

by Ken Buckley on 12-10-2016

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The Truvox Multiwash is a great all-rounder, cleaning most floor coverings including carpet and non-slip flooring. 

A compact, easy to use floor cleaning machine - An excellent addition to your Cleaning Equipment. This review is based on the MW340 model.

   Overall Review Rating                                                               4.8-Star-Rating.png 

   The Spec:

  •  340mm cleaning width
  •  1.7 litre soliution tank
  •  Weight 23kg
  •  Mains Powered


How it Works


Solution is released into the floor, two counter-rotating cylindrical brushes scrub the floor and flick the dirty solution onto the rubber drum in the middle.
The recovery tank then scrapes the dirty solution off the drum. Very simple!

Watch the Explainer Video Here


   The Ratings

Cleaning Performance                                                   5-Star-Rating.png

The surface contact pressure is very high due to the soft cylindrical brushes and the weight of the machine. This gives an excellent clean. Especially good on non-slip flooring.


Ease of use                                                                           4-Star-Rating.jpg

Fairly easy to use. Releasing the right amount of  solution takes a bit of getting use to, but overall it's very easy to master. Although it's quite heavy, it just floats on the floor in operation.


Reliability                                                                             5-Star-Rating.png

As long as it is kept clean the Multiwash will give years of faithful service without any problems. The quick release inside the solution tank has a habit of breaking, so be careful with this.


Maintenance                                                                      5-Star-Rating.png

Very little is needed. The most important point is the machine must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. The brushes will need replacing evenually but should last a couple of years.

Apart from that, as long as you don't keep runing over the mains cable, there is little to spend on maintenance.


Value for money      5-Star-Rating.png

This is money well spend. It's not the cheapest machine out there, however it's lots less money than the Rotawash and every bit as good.



Group PicThere are four mains powered and one battery powered (not shown).

  1. MW240 - a nice compact 240mm wide version (1st Left)

  2. MW340 - The best all-rounder 340mm wide. Featured in this review (2nd from left)

  3. MW340/PUMP - As the MW340 with the addition of a bigger tank and pump to spray out solution (3rd from left)

  4. MW44/PUMP- A big 440mm wide machine for the bigger areas (4th from left)

  5. MW340/PUMP/B - An excellent recent addition to the range of this wonderful battery powered model.



There are three non-standard brushes available. A Soft, a Hard and an Escalator brush. The Standard brush is good for most surfaces.

Multiwash_Trolley.jpeg                                  Multiwash_Side_Brush.jpeg

The Transport Trolley (above) is a needed optional extra if you will be moving the machine between building as the wheels on the machine itself are very small.

The side brush (above) is not a lot of use. The problem is the machine doesn't release solution over the side brush and dosen't pick up it, so you might as well use a mop.


   Other similar machines      

Rotawash - Very similar to the Multiwash. An excellent machine but, a lot more money and a bit more difficult to operate.

Nilfisk CA340 - Another excellent machine, that will give similar results. However it won't clean carpets, it's much more money and it is nowhere near as easy to operate. Also there is much more to go wrong.

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