Cleaning Equipment Review: Fimap Genie B Scrubber Dryer

by Ken Buckley on 27-10-2016

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The Genie B has been around for a few years now and it's still a popular little machine.

Compact and fairly easy to use, it is also one of the toughest machines in it's class. Like most cleaning machines, it does need a bit of care to keep it in top working order.

   Overall Review Rating                                                              4.2 Star.png

   The Spec:

  •  450mm cleaning width
  •  10 litre solution tank
  •  Weight 67kg
  •  Battery Powered


  How it Works

 Solution is released onto the brush or pad holder and the floor scrubbed. The dirty water is then sucked up by the vacuum motor through the squeegee blades and into the recovery tank. All this in a single pass at a walking pace.

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  The Ratings

Cleaning Performance                                                   4-Star-Rating.jpg

You don't get as much pressure on the floor as a bigger heavier machine, but the Genie B gives a good clean for most light applications.

The vacuum pick up is excellent and the curved squeegee works very well. Ideal machine for cleaning a small sports hall or assembly hall and corridors.


Ease of use                                                                           4-Star-Rating.jpg

Very easy to use. All the controls are intuitive. Emptying the dirty solution tank is a bit of a fiddle.  

The Auto engage/ disengage of the the brush or pad holder is really cool, saves messing about on your hands & knees.

 Download our Photo instruction Guide for this machine

Reliability                                                                             3 Star.png

Very well built machine, overall very reliable. A few small things let it down; the small tank quick-connector is one source of problems, which could easily be sorted by Fimap, it tends to block up and then you don't get enough solution on the floor for the machine to function properly.


Maintenance                                                                      5-Star-Rating.png

Not a massive amount of maintenance needed. The squeegee blades and little squeegee wheels needs replacing at least once per year.

As mentioned earlier the little valve on the solution tank needs replacing regularly.

It's a good idea to have a proper service once a year.


Value for money      5-Star-Rating.png

The Genie B continues to be good value for money. It is much more robust than the cheaper machines in the category.



There are a number of different scrub brushes available ranging from a very stiff polypro scrub brush to a very soft brush (which is really good on non-slip flooring, believe it or not).

There is also a pad holder, which is what I would recommend, using the different floor pads gives you great versatility.

Download free Floor Cleaning Pad Chart


   Other similar machines      

Ghibli FR15 - A similar machine, has been improved over the years. A bit bigger in all dimensions including the price. Well built but, a bit fiddly to operate compared to the Genie.

Nilfisk SC351- An interesting little scrubber dryer with a swiveling head so you can clean coming backwards and well as forwards. Nicely priced as well.  A good piece of cleaning equipment.


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