Cleaning Equipment Review: High Reach Vacuum Kit 21ft reach

by Matt Besley on 17-2-2017

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Reaching the tall ledges, windowsills, pipes, ducts and grills can be at best difficult, at worst never attempted.  This high reach vacuum kit is an excellent piece of cleaning equipment which will allow you to clean even the most awkward surfaces at height.  

An excellent all-rounder - if you buy a kit for high level vacuuming, then this should be the one.  A solid 4.5 star rating.


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What's Included:

  •  3x Aluminium telescopic extension tubes with inter-locking pins
  • 1x Straight wand section with locking collar
  • 1x 45 degree wand section with locking collar
  • 1x 130 degree wand section with locking collar
  • 1x 4" Pipe cleaning tool
  • 1x 8" Pipe cleaning tool
  • 1x 8" Dusting brush
  • 1x 18" Dusting Brush    

   How it Works   

Locking Mechanism.jpg     

A simple locking mechanism holds the poles together (so it doesnt fall apart when you are using them at height) and the 3 main extension poles are telescopic, so gives almost infinite adjustment.  With 21ft reach we were able to reach to the main lights in our warehouse so we think this covers most applications!  On top of these 3 sections you can use 3 main adapters before the dusting tools as shown below:


The 130 Degree Adapter (Ledge and Windowsill Dusting)

High Reach Bend.jpg

Arguably the most useful attachment in the kit, this adapter means that when you hold the extenion poles vertically it makes it the correct angle to clean ledges and windowsills.  The small 8" dusting brush works really well here, as it has an adjusting neck which translates to almost any angle you need.  

An often overlooked componant in high reach vacuum kits but absolutely essential to make it useful.


The 45 Degree Adapter (for Vertical Dusting - e.g. Walls and Grills)

High Reach Wall Dusting.jpg

Another useful adapter, this angle allows you to clean vertical sufaces with ease.  This includes wall dusting, or grill dusting at height.  The larger 18" soft dusting brush would be a good brush to use here if you are doing large sections of wall which will save you time.


The Straight Adapter (Ideal for the Pipe Tools)



Bannana Tool.jpg

Perhaps one of the less useful parts of the kit is the straight tube which is perfect for use with the 2 sizes of bannana brush that come with the kit.  These are ideal for round tubes and small duct work that often run at the top of open-ceiling style commercial buildings.  These tools are quite useful, but do require the pipes to be a similar diameter to the tool to work effectively.


 Which Vacuums will this Kit Work With?

This kit will work with any 38mm vacuum cleaner.  The most common choice for a 38mm vacuum cleaner is a large Numatic machine.  You only really need a single motor vacuum for the job so the Numatic NVQ570 is a good option - these large Numatic vacuums are among the toughest on the market (yes, we have seen some really used and abused ones still sucking!)

Having said this any Numatic machine will work with this, even the 32mm machines - just buy a 38mm Numatic hose and it will fit the standard 'nose' on these machines.  Obviously with these machines the suction will be lesser, but you don't need a lot for most applications.

Whichever vacuum you choose, always remember to use a dust bag.


Overall Verdict

This is one of the best and most comprehensive tool kits we have found for high level vacuuming.  It includes tools for almost every conceivable application for vacuuming at height, and is sturdy whilst still being lightweight.  If anything it may include too many brushes, but it is still a good price for an extremely useful addition to your cleaning cupboard, or mobile cleaning vans.  

For low use and lower heights you could consider the 14ft kit, which includes only a couple of accesories and is only friction fit (the tubes dont interlock). 

Highly recommended.


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