Cleaning Equipment Review: IVO PowerBrush XL

by Ken Buckley on 14-10-2016
ADSW - PowerBrush at work

The PowerBrush XL is an interesting new product, with a run time of 2 hours per battery (which is amazing). Small battery powered scrubbing tool with a great little kit of accessories.

A must-have addition to your Cleaning Equipment list. 

   Overall Review Rating                                     4.6_Star_Rating.png                           


   The Spec:

  •  2 hour run time per battery
  •  2 hour charge time
  •  Weight 2kg
  •  150mm Cleaning width


   How it Works                                      

Doesn't need much explaining, you need to mop cleaning solution onto the floor (if that's what you are cleaning) and scrub the floor with the scrub brush fitted, then use the mop or a wet pick up vacuum to pick up the dirty solution.

Watch video of the Power Brush XL in action

   The Ratings

Cleaning Performance                                        4-Star-Rating.jpg          


Gives a good clean. I have given four stars because the head could be a bit heavier, which means you have to put a lot of downward pressure on the brush to get a good clean. Really good for cleaning the edges and corners in washrooms.



Ease of use                                                                           4-Star-Rating.jpg


Fairly easy to use. The catch for releasing the telescopic hand is a bit of a fiddle. The brushes are really easy to change, which helps and the battery slides in & out really easily. The on switch is easy to operate as well.



Reliability                                                                             5-Star-Rating.png

So far (it is a new machine) they have proved surprisingly reliable. The build quality does feel a bit plasticy and you wouldn't want to chuck it around. The motor is very powerful, so this should be very reliable.


Maintenance                                                                      5-Star-Rating.png

There would be next to no maintenance needed on this. Maybe PAT test the charger, that's all.

The brushes are obviously a consumable but, they are surprisingly cheap and so are the replacement batteries (only £39.90).


Value for money      5-Star-Rating.png

This little machine is excellent value for money. For under £300 you get the Power Brush and a nice little kit with a carry bag, charger & battery and a ranges of brushes and holders.




You get such a good range of accessories with the standard kit you don't need any others. You can of course buy replacements for any that wear out and a spare battery at £39.90 is well worth having.


   Other similar machines      

Scrubby Wand - An excellent little tool, very similar to the Power Brush XL. With the battery mounted on the brush motor housing therefore giving it a lot of weight on the floor which saves you having to press down all the time.

You can also detach the motor housing from the handle and use as a hand held scrubber. The drawbacks with this machine is, the run time is only 35 minutes and the spare parts are really expensive. 


MotorScrubber - Another good tool with lots of torque and the added advantage that you can submerge the whole head in water. Down side with this machine is the back pack battery, bit of a hassle having to carry the battery on your back, however it does have a good run time.


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