Cleaning Equipment Review: Unger Smart Mop System

by Adrian Welch on 14-10-2016



 The Unger Smart Mop is a revolutionary  microfibre mop system, ideal for large areas and excellent on Safety Flooring.  It removes dirt instead of spreading it around.

Verdict - Excellent system for large areas and for cleaning thoroughly, an essential piece of cleaning equipment.

   Overall Review Rating                                                               4.6_Star_Rating.png 

   The Spec:

  •  15 Litre clean tank
  •  15 Litre tank for soiled water
  •  Heavy Duty Wringer
  •  40cm long pile mop heads


How it Works


Dunk the mop into the cleaning solution, then lightly wring, to avoid over wetting the floor. Mop the floor.

Floor is then cleaned using figure of eight movements. When the head is soiled, rinse in back bucket and then start the process again.

Emptying of the soiled tank can be done by releasing plug at the base of bucket or by the sink hook which allows you to empty at a sluice sink or in to a toilet.


The Ratings

Cleaning Performance                                                   5-Star-Rating.png


The long pile microfibre heads in there are own right work exceptionally, this coupled with the fact you are keeping clean and dirty water separate in the bucket makes the system perform amazingly well,

It removes dirt instead of spreading it around, also allows you to get into the corners and because it is a flat mop it doesn't leave dirty marks on the skirting.


Ease of use                                                                           4-Star-Rating.jpg

Takes a bit of getting use to but,  need to bear in mind you can mop with 15 litres of water that remains clean the whole time, if this was done with a normal mop bucket you would be emptying and refilling all the time.

Some find the system a bit bulky and it takes up more space than a standard bucket.


Reliability                                                                             4-Star-Rating.jpg

Extremely durable construction, only problems are springs popping off  the ringer and the wheels can become a bit super market trolley-ish if not looked after!


Maintenance                                                                      5-Star-Rating.png

Very little is needed. The most important point is the bucket is thoroughly cleaned out after each use, if done from day one bucket will remain easy to rinse out.


Value for money      5-Star-Rating.png

The Unger Smart Mop offers excellent value for money, although it is a capital outlay the system is very cheap ongoing. Microfibre heads last for a number of years and are inexpensive.



 Microfibre Heads - Colour coded heads available in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.


.Side Bucket - allows additional storage on the bucket, ideal for cloths etc.  Smartmop_Side_Bucket.jpg

 Easy Adapter water Hose - Heavy duty adapter hose for filling from sink, saves lifting bucket, fits most taps.



Other similar systems 


Ultraspeed Mini Kit  - Similar to Unger Smart Mop but soiled solution not separated, excellent for small areas.


Rubbermaid Pulse Mop - Microfbre mop system with no bucket, when head is soiled replace with a clean one, ideal for small areas and spot mopping.

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