Contact Time Kills: The Best Way to Deep Clean

by Matt Besley on 17-3-2020
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Getting everyone to sing happy birthday twice when washing their hands is a simple way of getting people to use contact time with hand soap to make sure it's effective. 


Exactly the same principle applies to cleaning and disinfecting.  Here's some ideas on how to get the best results.

Always clean surfaces first using normal clenaing routines.  Bacteria feeds on soilage and you dont want disinfectant values reduced by acting on something that should have been cleaned in the first place.  

It's always important to ensure you use a high-grade sanitiser to ensure maximum benefit from any cleaning regime you carry out.  Check the test data and check the EN standards that it meets.  We recommend using Windmill Eliminator Max for deep cleaning and sanitising.

Ways to get Your Sanitiser to Get More Contact Time on Surfaces

fogger-11.  Use a Fogging Machine and Mist a Sanitiser into the air

This sounds great in principle, as you mist a sanitiser into the whole room and it gets everywhere.  In reality this is a bit of a dangerous operation; as you are effectively fogging a biodicide into the air.  You will need to use appropriate PPE for this task, and it does tend to be done by specialist cleaning teams with specialist equipment.  


  • Sanitise areas at speed.
  • Large areas can be covered at one time



  • It is a hazadous operation and needs to be done with caution and with the correct PPE.
  • You need to use caution that items in the room are not damaged or over-wetted - i.e. electronic items as it is difficult to target a particular space.
  • You may actually miss some critical parts - it's difficult to target touch points and frequently used surfaces


2.  Use Windmill Eliminator Max in a Pressure Sprayer

Eliminator Max Sprayer Web ReadyThis is one of the most effective ways of applying a sanitiser.  After your usual cleaning regime, spray sanitiser onto all touch points and allow to air-dry to give it the contact time to be effective.  Eliminator Max needs a 5 minute contact time to kill Norovirus, so it's a good precaution in current deep cleans:

  • Make up a solution of sanitiser in a pump up sprayer that has the ability to mist chemical.  We would recommend using Windmill Eliminator Max at a dilution of 1:10
  • Spray the solution onto all surfaces, including carpets, hard floors, walls, seating, desks
  • Allow to air dry
  • This will leave a residue, take care not to contaminate with a cloth that could spread bacteria
  • Clean and rinse off surfaces such as mirrors, stainless steel etc.  Consider using disposable cloths or blue centrefeed rolls.



  • Fast and effective sanitising
  • Allows good contact time on all surfaces
  • Great for cleaning touch points
  • Very thorough sanitisation that allows for targeting on key areas that need to be sanitised



  • It will leave a residue that may need to be rinsed off afterwards
  • If using on carpet, it will leave a residue that may need rinsing out afterwards, otherwise it may lead to the carpet getting re-soiled quickly.


3.  Use Windmill Eliminator Fogging Cans

Windmill Eliminator New WebEliminator Foggers are a great way of fogging areas quickly and effectively; they are an aerosol sanitising fogger that releases a sanitiser into the air.  Each can covers 40sq meters.  Simply clean the room, shake the can, place the can in the middle of the room (use more than one can if it is a larger space), close the windows and doors, push the cap down, and exit the room.  In around 90 seconds it will empty the can and allow the room around an hour before going back in and opening windows and doors.  

Simple and effective, it's great for smaller spaces and is really quick.



  • Quickly and effectively sanitise an area.
  • Great for frequent use to keep germs at bay.



  • It's not practical for large areas
  • It still requires cleaning of touch points.



Whilst there is no one-size-fits-all solution, using a sanitiser in a pump up sprayer for cleaning touch points and allowing to air dry is one of the best ways to effectively carry out deep cleaning procedures.  It allows for fast and efficient sanitising of all areas, whilst also remaining targeted on the areas that you need to pay attention to, like touch points and frequently used surfaces.  It's a great solution for washrooms where almost all of the sufaces are water resistant.  

Get in contact for more details or advice.

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