Cotton Mop Heads Or Disposable Mop Heads?

by Mike Besley on 26-10-2016

Exel Big White Mop Head

For many years the cotton mop heads has been relied on to do all the floor cleaning.

Have you ever wondered if you are using the right mop for the task of cleaning your floor or whether it is actually spreading germs instead of cleaning? This might be true if you are not cleaning your mop and allowing it to dry after using them.

But there is an alternative - disposable mop heads


Cotton mops are the traditional product to be used and it has its place in the correct areas but they need cleaning out afterwards to stop them rotting out and stinking! With the correct routine, this will provide a mop that is ready to be used cleaned and germ free if rinsed and the correct chemical is used and allowed to dry.  Leaving damp or wet in a bucket can cause the cotton to rot, germs to multiple and smell to be created as germs multiply.


All cotton mops are now made of 100% recycled cotton products, because virgin cotton has become so expensive. However that means you have always got some impurities in the material; most cotton mops are actually only around 75-80% cotton, with the rest unknown fibres.  The process also shortens the staple length of the fibres, reducing its quality. So it now has no resistance and will lint badly, and as a natural material will degenerate from the moment it is first used. 

Blends are available of cotton which add polyester, this reduces the speed of rotting and gives improved usage


 The Alternative - Disposable Mop Heads


To replace the cotton tradition, mop heads in both socket and Kentucky style have been introduced, using a spun laced material.  This is a non-woven, highly absorbent synthetic material that can be used as a semi-disposable or single use product, to combat the spread of germs. 

Quick Facts

  •  Disposable heads absorb almost 100% more liquid than cotton
  •  Lighter in use
  •  Will pick up 25% more dirt, grease and oil
  •  Easier to wring out.
  •  They dont lint
  •  If you want to re-use them - simply wash them out well under the tap and leave to air-dry.

Being white they easily show when soiled and needing cleaning or replacing. Some studies show these mops are better at cleaning floors than conventional cotton mops. With the option of using them as disposable, the mops can be safely destroyed along with any harmful bacteria.


Other Alternatives


Microfibre - This is an excellent product and has the advantage that heads are machine washable and the heads themselves are excellent at cleaning as they absorb dirt into the fabric with reduced or little chemical required.  By using multiple heads the risk of spreading dirt and germs is reduced.  If you don’t have the facility onsite for laundering, then consider the Smart mop system which cleans the head easily in its double bucket system.


Sponge heads  - These are still available but can suffer from the same issues as cotton and they need to be cleaned and allowed to dry to be effective.   Autoclavable heads are available on some systems and this may assist keeping cleaning and germ control effective,

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