Do wet floor signs have to be yellow?

by Ken Buckley on 11-11-2016


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The yellow plastic Wet Floor Signs look alright in a public toilet, but not so much in a more prestigious area like a restaurant or hotel.

Okay, so you still have to have things like safety signs and cleaning equipment in prestigious hospitality areas, but you you don't have the have yellow plastic signs and utility-looking cleaning equipment.

Nicer looking cleaning products

There are a growing number of nicer looking cleaning and saftey products available for where looks really matter.

Hard Wood Wet Floor Signs:  They are not cheap at around £200 a piece, but they are proving very popular in high-end hospitality establishments.


Quality hard wood folding signs, with the choice of Stainless Steel or Brass insert sign. very classy.


Black plastic folding signs: For those that are feed up with yellow plastic, but have a more limited budget, Rubbermaid do a nicer black plastic sign.



Executive Cleaning Trolleys: These smart trolleys will look really nice in a high class hotel or executive suite. Available in three diffrent sizes; small, medium and large.


Products for the future: This is obviously just the start, there are more of these products in the pipeline.  Look out for the gold plated mop bucket!

On another note, have you done our new online COSHH training yet?

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