Doing nothing about your toilet paper dispensers could cost a fortune

by Matt Besley on 28-2-2017

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Sometimes your toilet paper dispensers can look like this before you take action (and yes this is a genuine real-life photo!).  There are several things you need to consider when chosing your next toilet paper dispensers.

Toilet paper dispensers are an important part of your washroom.  They provide the necessary supplies for the cubicles, the should look clean and presentable, and they should be tough (so the fronts doing come off!!)  Here are 3 things you should consider when chosing your toilet paper dispensers.


1 - Check the cost of the Paper.


OK cost is pretty important when it comes to toilet paper.  Especially in areas where there are a large number of people walking through the door, you will use a substantial amount, and that soon adds up.  


2 - Check the Cost of the Dispensers


Look beyond the price of the paper, to check the cost of the dispenser - sometimes a potential saving can be offset by the cost of replacing all your dispensers especially when you have a large quantity.   The best deals will provide free on loan dispenser agreements.  Basically you sign a form to say you will buy the paper for 3 years, and subject to manufacturers approval you get the dispensers completely free.


Make sure the design of the dispenser looks good in your building - nothing spoils the look of the brand new build with dispensers that were designed in a previous era!  There are loads of options now, black and white plastic to stainless steel and aluminium (the metal dispensers are not usually free on loan).


Check the Paper Quality


The paper quality is important - check the softness and the appearance of the paper - remember that the decision you make on the dispensers will probably be one you have to stick with for a couple of years - make sure you are happy with the quality before you commit.  If you are not sure ask for a free trial first.  

If you have an old building or you often have a problem with the buildings drains, be sure to check that the paper breaks down quickly.  This is a really easy test.  Get a jam jar or similar, fill it up with water and pop a couple of sheets of paper in the top.  Fasten the lid and shake it 3 times.  Check that the paper breaks down in the water.  Do this test with your current toilet paper and compare the results.


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