Download Free Dilution Calculator - For Cleaning Chemicals

by Ken Buckley on 02-2-2017


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Ever struggled with Dilution Ratios?

A Scrubber Dryer with a 45 Litre solution tank and a chemical that needs diluting 1:100, how much chemical should you add?


Download this easy to use spreadsheet, dilution calculator. An easy way of knowing exactly how much to put in. Click on the icon below.

Why is it important to get the dilution exactly right?

  • Saves over-using chemical
  • Better for the environment
  • Reduces the likelihood of leaving a residue behind
  • Ensures Sanitisers are effective
  • Ensure the safety of the operators
  • Better to clean with the exact manufacturers ratio

Gives you the exact amount of cleaning chemical to use with the exact amount of water. Also gives you the number of Dosing pumps needed.

Click below to download.

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