Free Cleaning Cupboards Checklist - What are the basics?

by Ken Buckley on 29-3-2017

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Setting up a new contract or even pricing a contract?

What should you have in a basic cleaning cupboard? It is easy to forget an essential  item when you are setting up. Download our free checklist...

Making sure you have the essentials from day one, is one of the biggest challenges when starting a new cleaning contract.

Often you are keeping staff from the last contractor, they take away all their equipment on the last day of their contract and you are expected to have all your equipment in and set up the first day of your contract and be up and cleaning.

Download your free Cleaning Cupboards Checklist

The last thing you want is to forget an essential item.

What about unpacking everything and distributing to a large number of cleaning cupboards? 

How about getting the start-up order packed up and marked for each cleaning cupboard for a seamless start up? Now there's an idea.

Talk to me if you are interested in this- 


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