6 Ways to save Man-Hours in Cleaning

by Ken Buckley on 27-9-2017

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Generally the largest cost with cleaning is wages. It goes without saying that if you can reduce the amount of man hours needed, you will reduce the cost of the operation.

Everyone wants to cut costs, but fortunately not everyone wants to lower standards. 

How can you reduce man hours without lowering cleaning standards?

This depends on a lot of things. Some tasks are so labour-intensive there is little you can do to cut down on the labour aspect.

Here are some ideas;


1/ Use trolleys

A surprisingly simple solution often missed. Have a trolley with everything a cleaner needs on it, can save a large amount of time, saving the operative from having to keep walking back to the cupboard at the other end of the building. 

Basic Trolley .jpg

Take time to get it right, when thinking about trolleys. Make sure you get one that will suit your exact requirements. There are lots of different options. 

If you do introduce a trolley system, make sure you train your operatives in exactly how you want the system used, otherwise, if the trolley is not loaded correctly at the start of the clean, the benefit might be lost. 


2/ Consider battery vacuums

This obviously won't suit every application, but this is worth seriously considering.

If there are stairs to vacuum or a lot of small rooms/offices, a battery back pack vacuum can save a massive amount of time. This could be the biggest time saving.


 The Numatic battery back pack is a really good option. With two batteries you can, pretty much, run none stop, one battery charging while the other ones being used. 


3/ Use a battery sweeper 

If you have long corridors to vacuum or sweep, consider using a battery powered sweeper. This worked equally well on carpet and hard floors. 

Karcher Sweeper .jpg

 This could save a large amount of time, for carpeted corridors, a battery sweeper will clean in a fraction of the time it would take to vacuum, and for hard floors this is far quicker and more effective then using a V sweeper. 


4/ Consider using team cleaning 

Traditional cleaning involves each cleaner having their own area to clean. Team cleaning is basically where you have a team or teams of persons working in a systematic way around the entire building or area.

Team image.jpg

This is a fairly radical approach, however there are big savings to be made in time. This is a much more time efficient way of cleaning a large building. 

It's like a  line in a factory. You don't get one person doing all the different processes in a production line, you have each person doing the same task over and over again and the next step in the process passing to the next person.

This would obviously not work for a very small team of cleaners in a very small office, but it does work well in a larger building such as a school or office block. 

This also saves in the amount of equipment you need for a building. 


 5/ Make sure you have the right Scrubber Dryer 

If you have hard floors of any size to clean, like corridors or halls, having the right scrubber dryer, that is the right type, the right size and the right run time, can save a large amount of man-hours.

mxr_top_9 image.jpg

If you are using a number of small floor cleaning machines or mop systems, consider replacing them with one larger machine, that you could get one person to move around all the areas just cleaning floors.

This can save loads of time, as the set up and clean down time for a big machine is little different from a little machine, and the cleaning width being much bigger you clean that much quicker. 

This ties in really well with the above  Team Cleaning. 


6/ Use Micro Fibre Flat system for surface cleaning 

Instead of using ye olde cleaning cloths for surface cleaning, use a Micro Fibre flat mop system for all large areas of desks, internal glass, mirrors. 

14-Q Cleaning Kit .jpg

If you have a large amount of internal glass to clean (and many new buildings have glass everywhere) this simple tool will save you loads of time. 

It will also save loads of time for desk/work surface cleaning or washroom partition cleaning, any larger hard surface.

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