How do you compare toilet paper systems?

by Ken Buckley on 16-11-2016


Ever worry you're really getting the best deal, when some pushy salesman is trying to convince you their toilet paper system is the bestest and the cheapest?  

Worry no longer; download our free Toilet Paper Cost comparison calculator here.

There are lots of different paper systems out there, all different shapes and sizes. How on earth do you compare them?

Obviously there are other considerations, such as quality of paper, free-on-loan dispensers, but the common denominator is how many metres of paper are you getting for your money.

The paper manufacturers often try and muddy the water by claiming that theirs lasts longer then the others because you can only get one sheet at a time or because it has a super duper brake system.

However, these claims are often over-inflated to get the sale and you need to be able to cut through all of that and compare apples with apples. The only way of doing this is to compare metres for metres.

Download our free Toilet Paper Cost Comparison Calculator

A couple of good cost effective systems

The Leonardo Versatwin system is a good cost effective system if you want to get the dispensers free-on-loan.

Versatwin Image.png

 The 200mtr Mini Jumbo toilet roll used in an Excel Stub Roll Dispenser, is probably the cheapest way of dispensing paper, if you are happy to invest in your own dispensers. Because the Mini Jumbo is a generic roll and you can fit anyone's rolls into the dispensers, no one will do the dispensers free-on-loan.

Stub Roll Dispenser Image.png







A big expense

Toilet paper can be one of the biggest consumable costs for Facilities management, so it is worth looking long and hard at a system before committing to a three years contract for the dispensers (Standard term now for free-on-loan dispensers).


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