6 steps to get your Janitorial Supplies on-time & in-full

by Ken Buckley on 28-9-2016


Don't you just hate it when you wait all week for a delivery of janitorial supplies only to find the toilet rolls have been back ordered. No one told you that they were out of stock and you now have a major crises  on your hands.

Or maybe it's that special cleaning chemical that one of your cleaners has been nagging you for weeks, and lo and behold it's missing from the delivery.

So wouldn't it be nice if you always had On-time & In-full deliveries from your suppliers!

Follow these 6 steps to help yourself to get there.

  1 Narrow down what you buy

Have a good look at the range of products you are buying on a regular basis. Do you really need that number of products?

Look at the cleaning chemicals, are three of them doing the same thing? If so cull two of them, be ruthless. If you have different types of toilet tissue, look at ways of changing this so you only have one.

If you can, get expert help, Ask them the question what do I really need?  


  2 Know your usages

Once you have skinned down your product range, make a list of the products you will be using.  (a spreadsheet is great for this) Then put monthly or weekly usages against each item.

You may have to guess, but your Janitorial Supplier should be able to give you a report of what you have purchased of each item over a year, this is great information.


  3 Get commitment from your supplier

Now with your list in your hand, get your supplier in and see if you can get commitment for them to hold extra stock for your weekly or monthly orders.

See if they will sign a contract if you give them the business for so long in return they will give you full and on time deliveries of your core items.


  4 Keep regular

Try to keep a regular weekly or monthly order and see if you can get it down to a set standing order.

You can adjust it as you go along but this way your supplier can plan ahead and keep stock in place for you.


  5 Hold your supplier accountable

Okay so you have done these things, now it's your supplier's job to keep these regular deliveries on time and in full.

Hold them to account now. Keep a record of all the times they let you down. Have regular review meetings with them. If they are letting you down, ask them to come back to you with what measures they are going to put in place to improve.


  6 Review your supplier if needed

Finally, if your current supplier really can't come up with the goods, look for another one!

If you have done the earlier steps, you've been fair to them, you've made it easy for them.

If they can't make a go of it, they don't deserve your custom. Go find a supplier that will take care of you.


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