How many cleaning chemicals do you really need?

by Ken Buckley on 24-11-2016

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This picture is genuine and sadly, it is not a rare sight when you peer inside the average cleaning cupboard.

If you're not careful the list of chemicals you use will grow arms and legs. One is added because Betty likes the smell, another is added because the floor in the lift is really hard to clean, and so it goes on.

So what do you really need?

This obviously depends on a lot; what's the type of environment, what are the floor coverings, etc, etc.

However; for basic commercial cleaning, such as a School, a University, an office block; you do not need a vast array of chemicals.

Free Reduce your Cleaning Chemicals Checklist

Cleaning Chemicals for Modern Buildings

Most modern commercial buildings need only a few basic cleaning chemicals to clean. If fact, with many, you could clean very well with just two or three products.

If you want to strip it down to bare essentials; you need a Disinfectant washroom cleaner for the washrooms and a Hard surface cleaner for all other hard surfaces including glass. If you are in a Hard water area, you will also need a Toilet Cleaner/Descaler.

In a modern building with modern office furniture, you do not need Furniture Polish, Glass Cleaner, Air Fresheners, Toilet Cleaner (unless you are in a hard water area).

This is hard to accept, but many of these products will do nothing to enhance your clean; they only add to your costs.

Most "Wooden" furniture has no wood on the surface that you clean at all, so a hard surface cleaner is all you need.

For glass cleaning, if you use microfibre cloths you don't really need anything other than a trigger spray with some water in.

Download our free Reduce you Cleaning Chemicals Checklist, run though this check list see what you really need.

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