How to Get Rid of Bad Smells in Your Urinals

by Matt Besley on 31-3-2017

Urinals.jpgYou know that experience when you open the door to the Gents and the smell almost knocks you out?  

You are not alone, this is a very common problem!

Here are some very simple fixes to stop this problem.

Make the Flushing More Regular - This is a very simple fix, simply increase the number of times the urinal is flushed every day, which will ensure that the urine is flushed through the pipes.  If you have had the water turned down too low, the uric acid will build up in the pipes, and gradually restrict the pipes and start to smell.  The most common source of the smell is in the first u-bend trap part.  

Clean the Floor Area Below the Urinal - Another common source of the odour is from the floor underneath the Urinal - you can give this a good scrub once in a while to keep on top of this.  Use a deck scrub, or the Powerbrush XL to give the floor a really deep clean.  In soft water areas use Windmill Wrestler (this is a heavy duty floor cleaner), or in hard water areas where you have a scale problem use Windmill Warrior 1:40 in a mop bucket (Warrior is an excellent toilet cleaning acid which will help remove the limescale build-ups.


Be warned, you wont be able to get the stain of the urine off the floor, but you will be able to remove the surface dirt which will remove some of the smell-causing bacteria. 

Windmill Odour Master Lemon Kit

Use Odour Master Lemon to eat the bacteria that is causing the smell.  This is an exceptionally good product for problem areas - you will need to apply this for a couple of days, but the effort is well worth it - the chemical has enzymes which continue to eat the malodours after you have cleaned and will remove the problem.  You will need to use this product as the only cleaner when you are doing this, as strongly acidic or alkaline products will kill the enzymes and will stop the good work that it does.  When you can't figure out how to get rid of bad smells, then this is the product to use, as it works in a way traditional methods and chemicals wont touch. You can read the full review of Odour Master Lemon here.

P-Pad Urinal Deodoriser Mats Citrus Mango- Pack of 12

Use Urinal mats -  Urinal mats are an effective odour mask, The P-Pad mats last around 30 days and give off a pleasant citrus mango fragrance.  They are not a cheap alternative against the standard urinal blocks, but they are much more effective.

Bio P Urinal Caps - Disposable Urinal Deodorisers

Use Bio-P Urinal Caps - These are small caps which fit over the top of the urinal traps which will deodorise the urinal trap and reduces the build up of deposits - these will last 30 days and are a very neat way of controlling the odours.   The other advantage with this product is that you can save costs by reducing the number of flushes to 3-6 flushes per 24 hours.  

Cleaning out the Urinal Pipes - Periodic Cleaning

Over time, urinal pipes become gradually clogged up with uric scale; similar to cholesterol problems in your veins and arteries. 

As a maintenance cleaner you can use Windmill Wrestler to clear pipework.  Add a cupful of Wrestler neat into the urinal trap (remove any caps or other enzyme based odour solutions first). Then flush with very hot (ideally boiling) water.   As this is a strong alkaline, this will help to keep things moving, and also includes a solvent.  Take the necessary precautions when doing this.

Sometimes if it's got too bad, then you may need to either replace or remove the existing pipework and rinse out.  You MUST wear gloves, and suit-up with a disposable suit if you are going to do this - the smell is extremely strong and will cling to you and your clothes for hours (sometimes days) afterwards!  Use drain rods and clear the pipes and re-assemble the pipes.  Sometimes it may even require a complete replacement of your pipes.

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