How to Remove Limescale from Taps and Pipes in 5 Easy Steps

by Matt Besley on 21-10-2016


LImescale can be pretty unsightly, and can be very difficult to remove without the right technique.

Follow this simple 5 step process on how to remove limescale from taps and pipework:


1 - Using a wet wrung-out cloth, wet the limescale area on the tap or pipe

2 - Using Windmill Warrior in a 1L bottle with the direction spout, apply neat to the affected area. 
Take care not to allow neat Warrior to contact the floor or tiles.  Acid disolves limescale, Windmill Warrior is a sulphamic acid – which makes it an excellent limescale cleaner and is also safe for use around pools as it does not react dangerously with chorine like other acids.


3 - Leave for a few minutes and then abrade using a non-marking scourer
Contact time is one of the 3 key elements of cleaning - read more about it in our blog post.


4 - Repeat as necessary to remove all the limescale.
Acid used on limescale is neutralised as it dissolves the limescale, so after a few minutes of contact time, the acid becomes inactive.
If you have a lot of limescale build-up, you may need to repeat the acid several times to remove it.


5 - Rinse with plain tap water.

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