How to use a Body fluid spill kit

by Ken Buckley on 21-10-2016

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The job that everyone hates. Vomit clean up! 

We often get asked about this painful subject and so I thought I would write a blog about it. How should you clean up a Body Fluid Spill?

 I will say one thing straight away, if you have to get involved with such things you have to have a decent kit. It's no good trying to clear up vomit with one of those tiny yellow plastic case kits.

There are seven basic steps to using a Body Fluid Spill Kit.


   Step 1

First put on some protection for yourself, disposable gloves and an apron to protect your clothing.

Apply Body Fluid Spill granules liberally to the spill and leave for the stated time to soak up the fluid.


  Step 2

Using a plastic scraper and dust pan or scoop, scrape up the granules with the soaked up fluid and deposit into a yellow sack (yellow for clinical waste).

The cleaning equipment you use here should be the same colour as the equipment you use for toilet cleaning (normally red).


Step 3

If the spill was on carpet, now vacuum up the area to remove any residue of the granules.


Step 4

Again, if on carpet, spray the effected area with a high grade sanitiser and leave to air dry.

If it's on a hard surface, it's best to wipe the area with a Disinfectant wipe.


Step 5

Use the Disinfectant wipes to clean and sanitise the equipment you have used.

Use one wipe for each piece of equipment, then put the used wipes in the yellow sack.


Step 6

Remove your apron first and then your gloves, taking care not to contaminate yourself. Place them in the sack.


Step 7

Seal the yellow sack with the contaminated items inside and, if possible, dispose of as clinical waste.


These are the basic steps to safely clearing up body fluid spills.

The other things to consider are; staining of a carpet and lingering smells.

For the carpet staining (this can be a problem with vomit and highly coloured food) use a carpet stain remover after the above process, if needed.

For lingering vomit smells, it's best to use a Microbiological Odour remover and maybe spray onto the affected area two or three times within a week as instructed.

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