Is Day 1 of a Cleaning Contract the Most Important?

by Matt Besley on 09-10-2017


They say you can't judge a book by its cover, or perhaps a website by its homepage, but first impressions count, right?

The first day of a cleaning contract can make a big difference to the way the client perceives you, and your long-term relationship.  Here's 4 ideas to make a big impression:

1.  Give the Cleaning Cupboard a Makeover

Believe it or not, the cleaning cupboard sets the tone for the cleaning standards on site.  Start here.  Remove all the previous contractors products that you cant use, or chemicals which differ from what you use (you cant use these without carrying out risk assessments on the chemicals before you start).  Any old and broken equipment that you wont be using make sure it gets taken out.

Space is usually at a premium in a cleaning cupboard - make sure that you remove anything that wont be used, or is just clogging up the space.  Sometimes you may be able to use some of it on one of your other contracts perhaps.

Make sure you have dosing and colour charts and COSHH symbol charts up on the walls of the cupboard, so your team are clear about the correct chemical to use in each area and how much to use.  This is so important as over-dilution has far-reaching affects including making the floors soil more quickly and increasing the cost of the contract.

More details on how to achieve a well-organised cleaning cupboard can be found on our blog - 

2.  Give the Staff Some Training

One of the biggest problems with any cleaning contract is that the cleaning operatives generally are TUPE'd across from the previous contractor.  There was probably a good reason the old contractor was booted from the contract, and you may need to change some practices in order to drive through improvements.  Take an interest in them, they are likely to be a bit uncertain of you.  Update their uniforms - having a smart branded uniform makes a big difference about how they feel when they come to work.

3.  Give it a Really Deep Clean

Nothing sends a clearer message to the client that you are serious about making a difference than rolling your sleeves up and giving a really deep once-over.  Let's be clear here though as you wont be able to do it all at once - focus on some areas to make a big impression.  Here's some things to consider:

  • Floors - look at the entrance hallway - if there is a hard floor has it got ingrained dirt build-up?  If so consider taking some equipment to bring the floor back up. 
  • Edges - is there build-up on the edges of the floors or even the stairs - consider giving these a scrub to bring them up.  It's unbelievable the difference this gives to the overall look and feel -
  • Washrooms - again a bit of a winner if you can get these right.  The floors in the washrooms are often an area that sets you apart from the last cleaners.  Get in behind the toilet pans, under the urinals and around the sinks.  

4.  Have a Supplier Who Makes Sure Everything is There on the Day

Form a partnership with a supplier who will ensure that everything is there for the first day of the contract.  You may need to give them notice, but forming this alliance will make a big difference.  Nobody wants 20 mop heads without a handle, or their first order delivered over 5 deliveries - make sure your supplier has the stock holding to get everything there on-time.  This is one area we particularly focus on getting it right - get in contact for more details.

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