Is it worth repairing Vacuum Cleaners?

by Ken Buckley on 08-12-2017

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This is a question that gets asked a lot. Is it worth spending £45 + to reapair a vacuum cleaner that is three years old when a new machine is less than £100?

Well this depends. If you have say 10 vacuum cleaners that go down and is costs an average of £45 to repair, that is still saving you around £500.

In this blog we are going to look at the most common causes of failure with vacuum cleaners and give a rough cost of repair. (We inspect and repair thousands of vacuum cleaners every year) 

Some common problems

 1/ Lead or Plug repair 

This is by far the most common cause of malfunction with vacuum cleaners. Often it is just that the lead has been yanked out of the connector blocks inside the machines housing. 

The cost of repairing this varies depending on if it is just a simple rewiring job and then PA test or if it needs a new lead.

Costs between £15 - £20 to repair. This is definitely worth doing. 


2/ Switch replacement

This is also very common and this depends on the make of machine, but normally this is well worth doing. 

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3/ Machine blocked

Yes that't right a blocked vacuum. You would not believe the number of machines we have sent back for repair, with the motor over heating and cutting out, that upon inspection we find split bags (sometimes chock full) and blocked filters.

Sometimes just block hoses.

Is this worth sending for repair? No, of course not, unblock it your self and clean the filter with another vacuum. 


4/ Vacuum motor needs replacing

This could be just worn out due to age or could be because it has been abused. Such as water vacuumed up in the motor, or regular running of machine in a blocked state.

This is almost never worth doing. The cost of a half decent motor and fitting will be close to the cost of a new machine.

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Self Help

Before sending a vacuum off for repair there are a few things that you should always do first. 

  1. Check the fuse in the plug
  2. Check the bag
  3. Check the fliter and clean if needed
  4. Check for any blockages 


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