Janitorial Supplies - 3 Elements to choosing the correct product & method

by Mike Besley on 17-10-2016


When you buy your janitorial supplies, it really helps to understand the 3 key elements of cleaning.

What cleans can also damage! Here's some help to get it right.

Cleaning success is the combination of three main parts:

  • Contact time
  • Temperature 
  • Mechanical action. 

Surfaces are damaged by the same three components.  Lets help you to understand this.


Think of these three main elements of cleaning as a triangle and by increasing anyone or all of them, you can increase your cleaning ability.  Increase contact time, use hotter water or mechanical action can improve what you are doing in cleaning.  It is important to consider all three and the area being cleaned.  Using a safer product may mean that more contact time is used, or warm water, or mechanical aids like a scrubbing brush, scourer or machine are needed.


If you have less time to clean an area you may want to consider using a stronger product, either in acidity or alkanity see post on uses of pH to decide a cleaning product and have less contact time, or use extra mechanical equipment.




Always start with the safest product first and build up or get advice on the correct product to use with the correct format.  Consider chemicals like hammers and use the lightest possible to do a job first.  No point in using a sledgehammer when not needed as it is easy to damage a surface with using a sledgehammer!


Examples to help you understand are like the basic pot washing.  Soaking items (increasing contact time) can help greatly when items are heavily soiled.  Hot water definately works better than cold water to clean grease, same applies in other areas although most products work with cold water but just may need longer to work.  Finally we normally use a brush or scourer when needed (increasing the mechanical action).


When you review the same concepts in a dish washer, you are using less contact time with often hotter temperatures and less mechanical action other than water pressure to clean.  The same results with different uses of the three main elements of cleaning.


Consider your cleaning tasks carefully and consider which of these you need to concentrate on to get your tasks complete easier.


 Remember we are always on hand to help - get in contact, or live chat to help us help you make your job easier by considering all the elements of cleaning

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