Janitorial Supplies Product Review: Easy Dose Cleaning Chemicals

by Ken Buckley on 07-10-2016


A range of super concentrate cleaning chemicals, with built-in dosing control. This type of product is a growing trend in the market with lots of different brands available.

They have the equivalent chemical strength in 1 litre to normal cleaning chemicals  in 5 litres, making them a very economic option.

The dosing unit, that is built into each 1 litre container, ensures the right dilution every time.

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  Key Facts:

  • 1 litre containers with built in dosing unit
  • Basic range of cleaning chemicals
  • Printed Spray Bottles available
  • 1 litre makes 100x trigger spray bottles


    How it works:

Each 1 litre container of Easy Dose has its own built-in dosing chamber that's gives you just the right amount of concentrated chemical to be mixed with a trigger bottle of water or a bucket.

Easy dose chart_

1. Slacken cap

2. Squeeze to fill dose

3. Remove cap

4. Pour into trigger spray or bucket.

You use one chamber of chemical for a trigger bottle and one for a small mop bucket and two for a big mop bucket. Really simple, no more pelican pumps!

Download a free Easy Dose Usage & Dilution Chart

  The Range

Includes a basic range of cleaning chemicals, covering most applications.

  • Easy Dose Captain - All-purpose fragranced cleaner
  • Easy Dose Invincible - Washroom/Disinfectant Cleaner
  • Easy Dose Athlete - Polished Floor Maintainer
  • Easy Dose Ultimate - HD Hard Surface Cleaner/Scrubber Dryer Chemical
  • Easy Dose Gleam Plus - Glass & Mirror Cleaner
  • Easy Dose HP Cleaner - Catering Sanitiser
There are some posts not covered but, certainly the basics are well covered. Products not yet covered include; Catering Degreaser and a Neutral hard surface/scrubber dryer chemical. Maybe these will be added at a later date


  It's Perfect for:

Because it takes up a fifth of the space of the traditional 5 litre chemicals, it's a winner for smaller cleaning cupboard and mobile cleaning vans.

Ideal for the larger cleaning teams as well, where you have multiple cleaning stations and trolleys due to size and weight.

It's great in the place of an expensive wall mounted dosing unit, giving portion control that is portable and inexpensive. Will reduce your janitorial supplies.

And of course it's better for the environment as well. Exact portion control = less environmental impact and there is a fifth less weight to do road miles.


  Not so good for:

Operations where you would be making up a large amount of ready-to-use cleaning chemicals regularly. 5 litres are better here.

Where you need specialist chemicals for whatever reason, as mentioned above this is a basic range of cleaning chemicals.



A good all rounded range of basic cleaning chemicals. Each product in the range is good and functional. It get 4 stars and not 5 just because of a couple of missing products.

The two that really jump out of this range  are  the Washroom Cleaner and the Glass cleaner.

The washroom cleaner is acidic and meets EN 1276, it's a really good washroom cleaner with a nice fragrance.

I love the glass cleaner because as well as being a good glass cleaner, at 100 x trigger bottles per 1 litre it is very cheap. (less than 6 pence per trigger)

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