Janitorial Supplies Product review: Windmill Odour Force Lemon

by Ken Buckley on 02-11-2016

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 Odour Force Lemon is a very powerful  enzymatic action odour eliminator.

Very effective at removing malodours caused by urinal, vomit, etc.

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  Key Facts:

  • 5 litre concentrate
  • Strong citrus Fragrance
  •  Ideal for smelly washrooms


    How it works:

Bad smells caused by decomposing organic matter such as vomit, urine or split milk, are actually caused by the bacteria that help break down these things.

Enzymes in Odour Force Lemon replace the natural bacteria and do the same thing except they don't give off a bad smell in the process.

Sounds a bit of a tall story but, this is how they work. And work they do.


  It's Perfect for:

Smelly boy's (or men's) urinals. Especially good for Primary Schools where "spraying" is prevalent!

Excellent on carpets where there is a lingering smell, can be either sprayed onto the surface and left to air dry or even used in a Carpet extraction cleaner for bad cases.



  Not so good for:

Because the product is not food safe, it is not suitable for food preparation areas such as Kitchens and Food Serving areas.

Also, you cannot use this with a disinfectant cleaner as the disinfectant will interfere with the way the product works (unless you rinse with water after use).



A really useful product, solving smelly problems! Windmill Force Master Lemon is a problem solver, eliminating bad smells at source.

Adding this product to your janitorial supplies shopping list would be a good move, so you can deal with smelly issues quickly.  New Call-to-action




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