Janitorial Supplies Product review: Windmill Eliminator - Fogger

by Ken Buckley on 06-10-2016

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 The Windmill Eliminator Aerosol Sanitising Fogger is an exciting new product that sets to change the way rooms and surfaces are sanitised.

Instead of trying to manually spray & wipe with the correct contact time for the given sanitiser, you can now simply set off one of these cans and it will do it all for you.

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  Key Facts:

  • 150ml Aerosol can
  • Special click-down fogger spray head
  • Sanitiser to EN 1276 & EN 1650
  • One can covers up to 40 square metres


    How it works:

The fogger aerosol can, when released, fogs a very fine atomised spray of a powerful sanitiser into the atmosphere. 

This fine mist settles on all the exposed surfaces in the area.  This then, left undisturbed, sanitises these surfaces in a way that no manual cleaning could ever achieve.


  It's Perfect for:

Periodic room sanitising in Education, Healthcare and Offices. If used periodically it has the potential to reduce days lost through illness.

Great for use when there has been an out break of an infectious illness. Gives you peace of mind that every inch of every exposed surface has been reached.


  Not so good for:

Because the product is not food safe, it is not suitable for food preparation areas such such Kitchens and Food Serving areas.

Although it has the EN 1275 & EN 1650 and this would be good for most problems, the product has not been tested for specific bacteria or viruses. Hence we have given it 4 stars.



An exciting product with massive potential for good. We see this product could change forever the way we think about sanitising/disinfecting.

It brings the method of sanitising by fogging, within the reach of every organisation. Very easy to use and very quick. Inexpensive.


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