keep your Staff Happy (and more productive)

by Ken Buckley on 18-1-2017


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According to Professor Andrew Oswald of University of Warwick, people are around 12% more productive, when they are happy.

So keeping your staff happy is important. We've have all heard tales of Google's Ping-Pong tables and internal putting greens, but seriously, what could you do to make your staff happier?

 How about your company washrooms? Have a look around your washrooms, what do you think?

There are some basics to a good washroom experience;

  1. It is clean and tidy
  2. There is hot water
  3. The dispensers are topped up
  4. There is nice toilet paper, hand towels (not dryers) and soap

Giving your staff a simple washroom upgrade with new dispensers and some nicer consumables, will make a big difference.

This applies to any work place washroom including schools, if children dread using the toilets at school, (which often they do) is this not going to effect their development/performance?

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